OMG! 7 Months In Power Buhari Finally Achieves Only 1 of 222 Campaign Promises – Buharimeter


In a report on PremiumTimes highlighting the Buharimeter organisation project, seven months into power President Muhammadu Buhari has only achieved half of one item on his 222 item campaign promise list. While goodwill remains high and fanaticsm even higher, the reality is whether by terrain, skill or association Buhari is yet to begin taking Nigeria to the promised land.

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Most of the scorecard was “not rated” because there is not any work at all going on in regard to those items promised. It is understandable however that the terrain is rather extremely terrible and Buhari has had to deal with new challenges including crashed oil prices; but developing problems are to be considered when making campaign promises.

PremiumTimes: Seven months after taking over government, the Muhammadu Buhari administration has succeeded in achieving only one out of the 222 campaign promises made to Nigerians, according to a report by Buharimetre, a civil society monitoring report tracking the implementation of the president’s campaign promises.

The report, which covers the activities of the All Progressives Congress-led Federal Government from May 29 to December 31, 2015, observed in its assessment that the achievement was in the area of the fight against corruption, even though a lot was still left undone in that regard. Read full on PremiumTimes