Omojuwa Gets Death Threat From PDP Group

The 2015 elections have since come to an end but it appears a lot of anger remain in the hearts of many. A WhatsApp group allegedly called “PDP SM Think Tank” and according to allegations led by one Deji Adeyanju, was unraveled yesterday by savvy Nigerians on social media.

Parts of the chats in the group include conversations around trending topics meant to discredit the government of President Muhammadu Buhari such as #SufferingAndSmiling.

A sizeable number of the chats appeared to have been dedicated to Japheth J. Omojuwa, a blogger and social media influencer, whom many credit for former president Jonathan’s disastrous media image, especially online.

4As at the time of going to press, death threats were issued against Mr. Omojuwa in the group chat apparently after the revelations and some of the members in the group issued death threats via their Twitter pages. Specific death threats were allegedly issued by one Amonia Stewart in the said group as the number has since been narrowed down to the name. The said personality was very vocal in promising Omojuwa a horrible death as a result of the leaked chats. Deji Adeyanju, who was allegedly convicted for murder in the early 2000s also promised to deal personally with the insider who they believe posted their messages online for Omojuwa to see.2


It didn’t stop there. Other members of the group took to Twitter to threaten Omojuwa, who they accuse of exposing their secrets even though he was never a member of the group. One Anthony Ehilebo and another who calls himself RadicalYouthman threatened Omojuwa with violence via their Twitter handles.

Deji Adeyanju, the group admin, in 2014 admitted to going to prison, although he denied being convicted for the murder crime he was alleged to have committed.


It remains to be seen whether Deji Adeyanju and his co-travelers will carry out their threats while hoping the security agencies concerned will step into the situation and grant Omojuwa some protection to avoid any loss of live.