One Year After, I’m Vindicated by Buhari’s Performance, By Maxwell Adeyemi Adeleye

By Maxwell Adeyemi Adeleye,

Today marks the first anniversary of the coming of General Muhamadu Buhari, the man most many activists and public commentators said would make live meaningful to the Nigerian people got the reins of power. He came to power on the platform of the then opposition All Progressives Congress (APC).

With the government now a year older in the saddle, I regret to state that the much anticipated hopes of all Nigerians have now turned to a mirage with the people now gnashing theirteeth.

During the electioneering, I was among those that supportedthe deafening call for CHANGE in the running of the country but, I had to back out when upon the discovery that the candidate which myself and many informed people were presenting to Nigerians as the change agent lacked the wherewithal to deliver.

Unfortunately, my position elicited a grievous bashing from friends and associates. Within a twinkle of an eye, friends of many years became enemies. I was accused of selling my conscience for a plate of porridge. My reasons for backing out were not considered tenable and justifiable.

However, today, I can say that I am vindicated even though most of the defenders of President Buhari have refused to openly face the reality. They are obviously suffering but shamelessly smiling.

According to May 29th 2016 edition of the Punch Newspapers, what we have now in Nigeria is a hemorrhagingeconomy. Boko Haram militants are still bombing in North Eastern Nigeria. Fulani Herdsmen have been killing their host communities unhindered. The criminals kill and attack at will.

The real Chibok girls kidnaped over two years ago are still in captivity. Unemployment is bombing like wave of ocean. Banks and manufacturing companies are closing shops daily. Prices of essential commodities have skyrocketed. Fish, tomato, pepper, onion, palm oil, groundnut oil, Maggi etc are now out of the reach of common people.

During electioneering campaign, the change agents promised to reduce the pump price of petrol to N45, today, it is N145. Transportation fare is no longer friendly. Many Nigerians have dropped their cars and resorted to commercial buses. Buhari’s party promised to feed our school children four days in a week that has also been denied.

The change agents have refused to provide jobs for less privileged Nigerians but they are daily giving out jobs to their children and relations at Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Universal Basic Education (UBEC) and Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Nigerian People wanted a positive change, today, what they are getting from Abuja is CHAIN.

Inflation is rising without abating like never before. War has taken over the hitherto peaceful Niger/Delta region. Agriculture remained jettisoned.

The Railway and Agriculture sectors are snivelling in reckless abandonment. It’s been one year of blame game. Instead of planning and strategizing for how to develop Nigeria, what Buhari and his people have been strategizing for is how to solidify their propaganda machinery. Instead of hiring economic advisers, President Buhari kept appointing media advisers. And from the media advisers, it’s been a never-seen-before contradiction and paradox.

Every quagmire confronting Nigeria is blamed on ex presidentJonathan. Jonathan became the President of Nigeria on May 2010 but all the generational rout retrogressing Nigeria are blamed on the Otueke born son of a fisherman. Obasanjo and Atiku who governed Nigeria from 1999-2007 are branded saints because they are now in pro-Buhari’s team.

Buhari and his media handlers kept dishing out humbug that the rejected former ruling party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) destroyed Nigeria meanwhile, the team that ruled Nigeria for 8 out of the 16 years that PDP “destroyed” Nigeria are now with Buhari.

President Buhari has continued to preach the virtues of transparency but practice vices. Till date, Mr. President has refused to put just one out of his 11 presidential jets for sale. During electioneering, he claimed to be poor but today, properties worth N4billion have been traced to him.

I want to also reject without any fear or favour the war against opposition masquerading as war against corruption. An anti corruption war that is only beaming its search light on opposition members and critics of Buhari’s government is fake. Such is antithesis of anti-corruption war.

Exposing the sources of campaign funds of PDP but hiding the sources of campaign fund of APC is not only hypocritical; such would cause a bad precedent in future.

To be candid, I wish Nigeria could be divided into two. I wish we have a Nigeria that is divided into a nation of CORRUPTION and a nation of INTEGRITY. I wish we have a Nigeria where those who voted for INTEGRITY and CORRUPTION lives separately.

During the festival of corruption, I was buying a bag of rice for N7,500 but today, it is N17,000 under Mr. Integrity. Buhari vowed to stabilize the value of Naira but today, 1 dollar is exchanged for N400.

Well, either those who criticized my stance when I dumped Buhari at the wee hour of the campaign in January 2015 agreed with me openly or not, the truth is that the abysmal performance of President Buhari has vindicated me.

Lastly, I want to advise President Buhari to stop wasting his energy on the war against corruption. He cannot develop Nigeria through a window dressing war against sleaze. Buharivowed to fight the oil subsidy cabal, today, he’s the loser. The gregarious cabal triumphed. What FG should to is to strengthen our institutions. The problem with Nigeria is the system.

Consequently, I hereby demand for the full implementation of the resolutions of 2014 national conference. I have perused into the document, with all sense of modesty, I call on President Buhari to give the implementation of the report a trial. It’s the most detailed paper that I have ever seen since I was born that discussed in detail the solutions to Nigeria catastrophes. I so submit.

Adeleye writes from GRA, Phase 1, Magodo, Lagos.

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