OnlineNigeria posts propaganda 2008 Somalia beheading video as Boko

February 12th, 2012

Cyber war continues

NewsRescue- Joining a growing list of websites caught in the act of posting vixenish, malice intended propaganda videos inciting hate and violence in Nigeria, a ‘reputable’ news outlet, has posted a graphic video of what can clearly be seen as Somalians beheading an unfortunate victim, Mansur Mohamed, claiming this video was shot in Nigeria and the acts conducted by the infamous Boko Haram terrorist group against Nigeria’s Christians. The article, written by OnlineNigeria editor, ‘Staff K‘, attracted over 140 reader reactions.

Video from Somalia in 2008

Img: BarenakedIslam

This video was very popular online in late 2008 to early 2009. The video settings are clearly not in Nigeria, and the perpetrators, members of Al-Shabaab the war-torn Somalia based, Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist organization, spoke only Arabic language, not Hausa- the language of Northern Nigeria. The video and images of it have been online for several years now {View ABC News}.

It is really disheartening to see a so-far, respectable online news outlet, like OnlineNigeria loose its entire discipline and editorial-conscience, and get involved in a dirty anti-Nigeria and anti-peace, malevolent propaganda campaign of this nature. The questions to be asked are: Who is behind the propagation of this leering information? Who fed OnlineNigeria a video from December 2008, that transpired in Somalia, to post as news from Nigeria in 2012? Did OnlineNigeria dig up the old video, clean it and present if for a questionable agenda? What are these agents’ intentions and how far will they go to fulfill their evil agenda for Nigeria? Promote and equipping Boko Haram? Boko Haram is a real menace, but it is obvious certain entities are unduly and overzealously excited by its chaos-causing prospects almost to a patronizing level.

Other websites carrying this embarrassing distortion, most sourced from OnlineNigeria:

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Previous websites exposed for dangerous propaganda campaign

NewsRescue recently exposed a new Nigerian forum, NaijaJive for posting a false claim of a Boko to christianity conversion. Following our article, the website removed the article after pointing to its source, a new website: Bible4Africa. NewsRescue investigations found BibleAfrica to be operated out of Delta state, Nigeria by a Nigerian with his Caucasian wife from Wichita, Kansas, a KKK thriving state in the USA. White supremacist agenda to disintegrate Nigeria has been associated with the campaign by Bible4Africa in presenting the tale which attempts to implicate prominent Nigerians, including two ex-presidents, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB) and Buhari, and also the southern MEND rebel leader, Asari Dokubo. Asari immediately rejected the claims made in the article as false and ‘419‘.{See: NewsRescueA ‘KKK’, Supremacist plot to disintegrate Nigeria}

An editor for RepublicReport website, another news outlet also posted the conversion claim. The author who wrote the article on RepublicReport was found to be no other than an internet handle ‘Rossquo’, who was the same forum member of NaijaJive that posted the now deleted article on the forum.

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There is a red alert in Nigeria as there is obviously a concerted effort either from internal sources and likely from external sources, to manipulate the masses into hate and unrest, with aim of wrecking havoc to the emerging, prosperous Nation.

A recent article in Veterans Today by Gordon Duff detailed a foreign plot to destroy Nigeria. {NewsRescue Nigeria Targeted For Destruction: Gordon Duff, US } The unfolding of such a plot is clear with these continuous attempts by Nigerian newspapers and fora to distort information and spread false and contagious, vindictive messages. The use of the dangerous technique of Cyber war in destabilizing Nations is not new, as such methods are being used widely against many countries today. Nigerians need to be on the alert for all these efforts at poisoning their minds and always apply restraint and choose a path of peace, compassion and mutual coexistence. NewsRescue is going about cleaning house, trying to keep the media honest, but we can not get them all.

Morning is only yet breaking, there will be many more such articles!