Open Letter to Fellow Muslim Youths: Work And Pray For Peace — Joint Muslim Forum

Jan. 5, 2014


Salam Alaykum Warahamatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

An open letter devoid of recent drama series stoked by the political impasse our country has witnessed over the last couple of weeks. Rather, this is a Call to Action, A Plea to Participate, A Cry to Commit, A Request to be Relevant. Kindly spare me just five (5) minutes to divulge details of the open letter, planned activities, how you can assist and spread the message.

I received a message via my Linkedin account from Mr. Ademola Danmole, an elder brother I have always held in high esteem, albeit from afar. Our conversations interchanged through several channels including Twitter and Facebook before we settled for BBM, where he told me about Joint Muslim Forum initiative.

Joint Muslim Forum, a coalition of most vibrant Islamic Groups based in Lagos. The group seeks to organize an Open Gathering for Muslims to pray, deliberate and address issues of concern to Muslims and the nation at large. That piqued my attention, for friends who know me within and beyond virtual space, the state of affairs of the Ummah always jolt me off my sleeping bed.

Our Country is abound with quandary of religious issues interspersed amongst, stereotyping of Muslims, high rate of unemployment of Muslim Youths, unemployable status of most unemployed Muslim youths, hijab imbroglio, abuse of the fundamental human rights of our Muslim Sisters and brothers, Boko Haram Crisis, etc. However, I have always narrowed these impediments to the shadowy hostility amongst the different Islamic groups in Nigeria who lacked a unified voice.

Look outside the country, cast your gaze towards to the Middle East, precisely, the Arab World, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, the barbaric manner at which they are hell-bent on exterminating each other in the name of sectarian violence is beyond analysis and despite the efforts of diplomatic experts, the so-called strong base of the Muslim World seems more interested in sectarian power tussle than forging and developing Islamdom.

Thus, an initiative like Joint Muslim Forum, which speaks of unity in a world and country, beleaguered with dissension, should stimulate the enthusiasm of unifying characters. Imagine a Joint Prayer/Dhikr Session led by Sheikh Abdullah Akinbode (Chief Missioner of NASFAT) and ably supported by other missioners as delegated by the Chief Imam of Lagos.

The line-up of Speakers are quite impressive too, Sheikh Hafeez Abou (Baba Adinni of Lagos), Prof. Daud Noibi, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede (Former Vice Chancellor, University of Ilorin and Current Secretary General of Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs), Prof. Ishaq Akintola (Director, Muslim Rights Concern), Barrister Ishaq Adesina, Alhaja Fatimat Gawat, etc.

Top Dignitaries expected at the Joint Muslim Forum include: Chief Femi Okunnu (SAN), Alhaji Sheriff Yusuf, Sheikh Sulaiman Adangba, Ustaz Dhikrullah Shafi, Sheikh Mustapha Zooghlool, Sheikh Rabiu (Oworo), Sheikh Ramadan, Sheikh Habeeb El-Ilory and many more. The last paragraph and earlier sentence of this, should strike an interesting note to those familiar with Islamic groups’ settings in Nigeria, you would realize that both the speakers and the dignitaries are composite of leaders of foremost Islamic Groups in Nigeria.

Thus, participating Islamic organizations include but not limited to Ansar Ud Deen Society of Nigeria, The Muslim Congress, The Quareeb, The Companion, FOMWAN, The Criterion, NASFAT, UMA, MICA, NACOMYO, CIO, MSS, NADWAT, Tabligh Jamah, Ikwan, Al-Muminat, Academy and Muslim Communities in the State, from Abesan, The Police, The Military, Agege, Ikorodu, Epe, as well as Badagry.

On this day, Sunday, January 5, 2014 at the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Lagos from 9am prompt, Muslims across Lagos under the auspices of Joint Muslim Forum will come together, Insha Allah, in large numbers to make an unequivocal, unambiguous and very lucid statement that says, ‘We are deeply committed to a successful Nigerian Nation and we will not watch it die, Insha Allah’.

Now, if you think Muslims should be dormant and docile, you may ignore this and surely, this is not for you. However, if you think otherwise, ready to educate fellow muslims and non-muslims alike, here is an event to serve as a wakeup call on all. It is for all Muslim youths, make it a duty not to come alone but with at least five (5) of your friends.

Did I mention that the facilitators of Joint Muslim Forum led by Imam AbdurRahman Ahmad (Chief Missioner of Ansar Ud Deen Society of Nigeria) trust Social Media as a platform to spread the awareness of this initiative? Now, we have a platform, do we form or frown at this approach? Do we embrace and explore this opportunity?

You can be part of the Joint Muslim Forum Initiative by saving the date (Sunday, January 5, 2014) to attend the event at TBS, Lagos and also share this open letter while you use the publicity campaign (as attached for download) as your Facebook Profile Picture, Twitter Avatar, Whatsapp Profile Picture, BBM DP and other online platforms.

Let us create as much buzz and hype on Joint Muslim Forum as we can in the next Seven Days. Already, with the assistance of @RebelliousXIV, @OkunadeGoodMan, @Solar_unique, @Backarray, @_Hamdalah and @TillyTillie, we have created a platform to titivate the conversation for the event and engage folks with #JointMuslimForum, kindly post and tweet using this hashtag. For further information, you can contact Joint Muslim Forum Volunteers on 08099871000.

My name is Akintola Mubarak (on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+), an avid user of, with the handle @mubarakakaq Have a Mubarak-Filled Weekend.

Ma’as Salam.