Open Letter To Alh. Aliko Dangote, (GCON)

Dear Sir,

It is with great humility that I sent this letter to you. I am not sure it will get to you though, but I’m hoping and relying on the power of social media share button that, perhaps, it will. If however, you receive this letter, please note that I desire nothing personal, but the pleasure of Allah over you and well being of the Muslims at large.

Sir, you know very sure that you have been greatly favoured by Allah among the entire black race in Africa and elsewhere, even among men of other colours, as no name makes echo than yours across Africa.

Your business is progressing and expanding on a daily basis and no household, at least, here in Nigeria, can do without your product. Even when our nation is experiencing economic crisis, your business and wealth continues to grow without limit. Such is the favour of Allah over you.

Sir, my greatest concern is about your Zakat, the fourth pillar of Islam, binding upon you as a Muslim. As a Muslim from Kano , I’m sure you knew more than I know about the importance of Zakat in the life of a wealthy Muslim. If our noble prophet Muhammad (saw) were to be alive today, you definitely would be noticed by him, and his message to you would centered on Zakat.

Sir, I am not saying you are not paying Zakat, but the impact of your Zakat payment is yet to be seen; it should have been seen. I say this because the extent of your wealth is no longer a secret across the world. For example, it was reported that, as of today, you are the richest Black African with about $25 billion.

The Forbes also ranked you as the 67th Richest person in the world of more than 7 billion people! Your investment cut across the globe, you are healthy and millions of people across the world earns their livelihood through you. Sir, “Which of Your Lord’s Favours would you Deny?” (Q.55)

Sir, $25bn is about 5trillion Naira, that is the size of Nigeria’s annual budget, which has about 140 millions citizens. Sir, assuming you can pay 2.5% mandatory Zakat on 3trillion Naira only from your wealth, that would be some 75bn Naira!

Sir, with 75bn Naira made available yearly as Zakat for the vulnerable Muslims, starting from Kano, you can save Islam from its battered image. You will agree with me sir, that boko haram was able to recruits young people because there is too much poverty among the Muslims.

Your Zakat can free no less than 500,000 Muslims every year from poverty if your Zakat is properly used. The gap between Sunni-Shia Muslims may also be considerably reduced and the fortune of Islam and Muslims will rise again.

Sir, your Zakat alone can defeat the terrorists which have turned most Muslim countries of the world to war theater.

In conclusion sir, help cross-check those who handle your Zakat to properly administer it so that the blessings of Allah becomes manifold. May your wealth continues to grow, and may your history never end in the manner of the richest man in the life-time of Prophet Musa (AS).

Thank you sir,

Your Daughter In Islam

Ajimot Ashogbon

NB: To those who may share this letter until it gets to you, it is my prayers that they will never be victims of poverty in their life-time. Aamin.