#OpenDasukiTrial: The “Secret Trial” And Dasuki’s Threat To Name Boko Haram Sponsors

NSA Dasuki promoted Boko haram terror by failing to act on the recommendations and evidence against the sponsors of terror


In our article of August 6th this year, captioned “The NSA Dasuki Revelation Of Knowing Boko Haram Sponsors Among Nigeria’s Elite,” we raised a serious notice on a perhaps silent threat by immediate former National Security Adviser, NSA Sambo Dasuki published in the DailyPost on July 21st this year.

I quote a piece of the DailyPost article again,

“The set of Nigerians (worried about Dasuki going to court and spilling beans) include serving and retired senior military officers, traditional rulers, politicians and even insiders in the new government. The calibre of personalities that have reached out to him (Dasuki) will shock you…I cannot mention names but they include Generals, Emirs, politicians, as well as loyalists of the current administration.

“In his three years at that post (NSA), he (Dasuki) had access to all the classified documents you can think of. Documents with facts on Boko Haram; documents on political parties and who their members really are. We are talking about damning revelations. Dasuki had access to list of questionable characters who funded these parties. He had access to list all those indicted for corruption and other serious charges over the years among others. Imagine if he divulges such to the whole world. Those who have fired the first salvo should not get too comfortable. No one is saying the man should not be probe, but the law must be followed and people’s rights must be respected.”

We made the obvious call in our August article, that Dasuki should speak and speak openly now as is his sworn duty for which we employed and compensated him generously as our top security civil servant. We rather angrily asked why if true, Dasuki knew of corrupt entities and sponsors of Boko Haram/Daesh from wherever they may originate and had been “criminally” withholding this information while Nigerians died of the corruption and terror.

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Image from Vanguard

In recognition of Dasuki’s blackmail as conveyed in DailyPost, the headlines of October 26th are rather suspicious.

While we do recognize that trials of national security officials may contain classified contents, we are agitated by the request for no press in this case in cognizance of Dasuki’s blackmail as contained in the Post. Is the Federal Government afraid of the revelations Dasuki has threatened to make? Is this position of the Federal Government if so in their interest or in the best interest of Nigeria?

We hereby demand an Open Trial for Dasuki.

We believe Nigeria is so battered that there are no national security secrets we cannot hear.

As our pure blood has been publicly spilled on the roads and byways of the country, so also must all impure secrets be openly spilled. We are tired of certain people, including former presidents and state governors, knowing and confessing to know Boko Haram/Daesh sponsors and openly concealing these, as the governor of Borno for instance continues to and as former president Goodluck Jonathan did and concealed till his retirement.

We have not yet gotten into a position where we trust our security agencies; this is evident as the military has already been caught pants down, recklessly lying that they had sacked Boko Haram from all camps in the northeast only for the people of Nigeria to find out later that they had been put in harms way with the blatant lies while Boko Haram/Daesh remained well embedded in more than two local governments and had bubbling camps holding thousands in Sambisa and environs.

Nigeria belongs to everyone and no one.

We demand an #OpenDasukiTrial

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian