Opposition To A Drunken Kleptocracy: I am APC And You Should Be Too

Dangote and OBJ Plant Dying Yar'Adua And Jonathan on Nigeria

Nov. 29, 2013

NewsRescue– Jonathan is so bad, that he makes APC look like angels. Anyone that is in opposition to this Jonathan’s worst government in the history of Nigeria and perhaps the world is labeled APC. Why bother rejecting the label, I now accept it.

Opposition= APC, I am APC then. Finish. What more will they say? Infact, this Johnnie and his angels’ (like Charlie and his angels) administration is so terrible… they say, good, better, best. Or bad, badder, baddest. This is the baddestest administration conceivable. Anything that can get this over, now if possible, but definitely no later than 2015 is divine. 545 days to go. Hah!

Nowadays I do not even see Jonathan anymore, who I see is Obasanjo. It is that Obasanjo, I do not even know what to call him, that did this to us. Fela Ransom Kuti turned in his grave when we did the abomination of bringing that man back to power. How dumb were we? It is not Jonathan’s fault at all; it is Obasanjo I blame for this inebriated rubbish.

Some of his remaining 2 million supporters say; stealing did not start today. Well, if something is bad, did our parents not teach us to try again, and try and try again? We will put get this team out and put the next guys and if they fail, like Egypt, no waiting full term, we will get them out again and put the next, try and try again till we get something better. Is this not commonsense? Is this not our obligation to our elderly, to our young and to those who are no longer with us due to the incompetence, recklessness and mega-corruption of this administration?

This man we call a president. How many months after he said he knew the sponsors of Boko Haram? He has not done his duty as commander in chief and arrested and helped us sentence a single one to the death they deserve? If that is not terror masterminding, then what is? Am I the one that will arrest Boko Haram sponsors? May God have mercy on the brave soldiers and civilians dying under this terrible regime that protects sponsors of terror.

No cooperation with the Swiss on their invitation to join us investigate the $7bn NNPC-Swiss oil dealers looting us silly. The president ‘falls-ill’ and misses every important function to represent us abroad. AU’s 50th in Addis Ababa, mba. Investor’s summit in UK, mba. Now we even have the legitimization of terror, with people from our nation in harmony with the government, issuing terror threats to our neighbors for their independent and legitimate matters of state security. Not a single arrest of a corrupt top official. But this ‘government’ who cannot arrest Boko Haram sponsors and cannot arrest corrupt top officials have the gumption to threaten to use police and army against our noble teachers. Let’s not even go through the sorry story of this state of existing under terror leadership.

Nigerians are hopeless cowards. Thabo Mbeki said the rot that happens in Nigeria’s government can never happen in his South Africa, because the problem is with the Nigerian masses. I am a revolutionist, but I have weighed my options. One must accept reality.

Option 1 is a total revolution, which can be stolen, but gives the possibility of absolute and immediate, total change. Nigerian’s are too busy fighting each other and defending corruption and terror, I don’t see that happening tomorrow, and we cannot afford to wait while people wallow in miserable destitution and more die in this administratively terrorized nation.

Option 2 is military take-over, hoping for a Rawlings, Sankara, Idiagbon type of guy. But the military have been bribed stupid. Our great Southern Army General in command, who is over-term, is sleeping. When the Northerners took over back then and ruled Nigeria the most, people blamed the North, whereas it was a handful of soldiers who dared to go in to help rid the nation of jackals as we have today. Our Southern-Igbo general in charge has that opportunity, but he does the Igbo’s and the South no honor.

I am not being tribalist here, simply cutting it as it is, raw. No one ever voted in the North over southerners. Of our people-elected leaders, most time in ‘peoples-choice’ leadership has been non north. North has supported Southern candidates, well, well, including in killed Abiola’s stolen election. The North 60% longer rule was because they took it. Igbo-Southerner in command, take it now. Mba!

So only option number 3, which is the ‘strongest opposition.’ And if they even put forth good candidates, perhaps we can have a slower, but hopeful change. This is why I am APC, oh! APC is terminology for opposition. I have not joined the party formally, but I am APC. In fact, I am more APC than Tinubu.

When CNN’s Christian Amanpour attacked our president for lying that the power was better, she became APC. When World Bank said the fact that Nigeria had 100 million destitute, the number having doubled through the Obasanjo and Jonathan administrations, they became APC. Joel Brinkley from the US, who wrote in LA Times, “Good luck, Mr. Jonathan. It’s time you were impeached,” he is APC fully-fully. PDP defect to APC, it is because they were born with APC blood type.

In fact, if Benin republic, for arresting a well known above the law terrorist, whose boys went ahead to terrorize a whole Nigeria’s neighbor, for a legitimate arrest, are also APC. Then who am I and which side am I on, that I will not be APC? Where is my broom!

Ghana is suffering like Nigeria now. They, like us got the second man as president when their president died. Now there is hardship, Ghana cannot pay salaries while there are rumors that the inheritor of the presidency and his family are purchasing banks and things all over. Always look at the man behind. What if the president dies?

Obasanjo planned this. He knew it. He ‘killed’ Yar’Adua. This was his master plan, plain and simple. And we the entire nation were all dummies. If you are old in APC, step aside. We respect your accomplishments; God will give you long life. Nigeria will be careful now. Man #1 must be fit to run marathon against Ethiopia’s best runners and man number two from now on must be an even better candidate than man number one, no joke!

APC!!!!!! Impeachment! APC!!!!! What the slogan is… Progress! APC!!!! Sweep those crazy baldheads outta da yard!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah
http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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