Oyo Mega Trade Fair Goes Digital

June 15, 2013

The Oyo Mega Trade Fair’s Digital Day Out Event last week was an opportunity to bring to the forefront the significance of electronic application to the overall running of businesses in Nigeria and most especially as it relates to the forthcoming trade fair.

The Organizers while releasing the e-copy of the fair prospectus alongside the hard copy version hammered on the latest global digital trends currently being used in digital media and social spaces around the world and educated the audience on the importance of social media and how to extend conversations to the multi-tasking consumer of today’s world. He exhorted and commended Nigeria CEOs, decision makers, managers and the populace for embracing the global network; the Internet as Nigeria is rated the top internet user in Africa.

The Online Media Partner, Chi Tola Roberts, the CEO of In-Focus PR Nigeria said ‘In recent times you need more than a website for your business. You have to go beyond the conventional, stand in your customers’ faces creatively by going with them everywhere, don’t think that you are important as that won’t be enough; you have to be relevant too. Social media integration is rapidly becoming cardinal to sustainable business growth and development’. She implored exhibitors and visitors to visit the trade fair websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, flicker, yookos and YouTube.

While addressing the journalists at the occasion, the Lead Strategist/CEO of SPISH Concepts, Mr Seye Olurotimi who is also the Brand Consultant for the trade fair commended the President of the Trade Fair for his foresight. According to Olurotimi “any brand that wants to boost its fortune must be present at this mega trade fair; I believe all discerning brand custodians will grab this great opportunity to showcase their brands to the over 300,000 people expected at the fair over the 10 days period. Participating at the fair will not only help build brand equity; it will also help facilitate mind recall and engender patronage during and even after the trade fair”.

Reacting to questions, Mr Delight Owoyemi stated this edition of Oyo Mega Trade Fair is phenomenal as there will be 24 Hour Uninterrupted power supply throughout the 10 days at the fair arena, 24 Hour Security protection within and around the Trade Fair Arena, 24 Hour City Wide dedicated Traffic Control throughout the Trade Fair duration, 24 Hour uninterrupted water flow, utilities and conveniences throughout the Trade Fair, Dedicated Hotel Accommodation and Services for delegates, 24 Hour transportation facilities to aid visitors movement to and fro the Trade Fair, Complimentary provision of ad hoc support staff, On the spot availability of financial services, 24 Hours Internet Connection, and 24 Hours Live Broadcast on the Internet.

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