Passionate Reasons Why Nigerians Are Signing True Federalism Petition


Within hours of floating the True Federalism petition urging the federal government of Nigeria to restore regionalism in Nigeria, some very impassioned signature comments are quite stirring.

Perhaps top of the list was a comment by Silvanus Sarki from South Kaduna.

Silvanus said,

“I’m signing for a true federalism to include southern Kaduna where I belong to the central region or middle belt where minority tribes belong.”

One can only imagine the desperation of people like Silvanus and the simple solution regionalism would provide to these troubled regions where the right lines may be the difference between a history of thousands of uncontrollable deaths and a future with hope of peace and tranquility.

Indeed True Federalism is the only hope for so many of Nigeria’s minorities.

Many signed to avert chaos and bloodshed in Nigeria and keep a one Nigeria.

Mamugha Ekpebu of Yenagoa,

“I am Signing this petition because Nigeria cannot go forward without the restoration of True Federalism including Regional Autonomy; Devolution of Powers that must be achieved through Restructuring of This country. Nigeria cannot survive another Civil War and the rate of moral political and economic decay we are now experiencing will lead only to anarchy. The strength of this nation is in its size, unity and human and natural resources. These can only be harnessed from the ground up, democratically.”

Bernard Agbugba of Abuja said,

“Because I believe it’s the only way, Nigeria can remain one, with out anybody crying fowl.”

Godson Stanley in Abuja commented,

“That’s the last and only viable option available to salvage the failed state.”

From the east, Chibueze Onyemaechi in Aba agreed with the petition content:

“I’m signing this petition in regard of what is stated above honestly I concur. I hereby request that the FGN should endeavor to do so. Thanks”

Iroha Solomon Imo state said:

“I am signing because I believe it would go a long way in solving most issues that hinder Nigeria’s progress.”

Many viewed regionalism as a pathway to healthy competition and economic growth and stability.

Adeshina Adegbite from Lagos signed for the reason:

“True federalism is a panacea for competitive regional development.”


Duvie Ekioja, Port Harcourt:

“I am signing because it gives everyone to develop at their own pace and determination.”

Akinpelu Oluwaseun from Abeokuta:

“True federalism will correct most of Nigeria problems, it will give room to a robust peaceful and progressive development”

Ibrahim Aliyu of Lagos Island said,

“I am signing this petition to urge the Nigerian government think outside box and restructure in order to have a sustainable growth, political and economic stability.”





Selebika Saniyo from South Burlington, VT said,

“I believe true federalism will go along way to address a lot of agitation in the country. I think every state should control their resources and pay tax to the federal government.”

And Odewale Michael Olushola in Lagos saw restructuring as “the only way forward.”

More comments can be read here:

Dr. Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian