Pastor Impregnatés Choir Girl Secretly In Lagos, Now She’s Dead

June 9, 2014

Olufamous-These days, many men are deceiving themselves séxually. This is the shocking result of self-deceit:
As you read this, the family of a young woman who was impregnated by a Christ Embassy pastor in Lagos is now insisting that he must perform all the necessary marriage rites and marry her despite her death.

28-year-old Vivian Ndukwu, a choir member in one of the Christ Embassy church in Lagos was said to have been in a secret affair with the pastor simply identified as Hillary and he eventually got her pregnant.

The pastor planned with Vivian to lie to her parents and relocate to a safe place where she could have the baby. She hid the pregnancy from her family and told them she was going to Abuja.

But she and the pastor arranged and she went to Agbara in Ogun where she delivered the baby, a girl, with the connivance of a woman who runs a orphanage.

But unfortunately, a few days after giving birth, Vivian developed some serious complications and before she could be treated she lost her life…

Vivian stayed at the orphanage until she was delivered of a baby girl on May 3, 2014. It was learnt that eight days after the delivery, Vivian was taken to a hospital after she complained of fever and headache.

She died in the course of treatment and her remains had been taken to Badagry General Hospital morgue.

According to Punch, the orphanage owner, Mrs. Grace Kato, claimed that Vivian never stayed at her place.

She said, “Vivian called me three days after the birth of her baby. She said she wanted me to help her with the hospital bills, that she was stranded in the hospital. Out of compassion, I went to the hospital to help.”

She claimed she took Vivian home after delivery to rest at her place for 2 days before returning to her parents.

She added that Vivian, however, ended up staying at her place for five days before she died.

In the word of the Madam Grace Kato:
“I brought her to my house to rest for a day or two before taking her to her parents. In the process, I had to travel for my uncle’s burial. That was why she stayed that long because she was waiting for me to return. I came back on Saturday night, May 10, and the next day, she complained of a slight headache and we took her to another hospital nearby. That was where she died.”

But the hospital where Vivian died claimed that she was rushed to the hospital unstable and restless.

A doctor in the hospital said the people on duty stabilised her condition and referred her to a general hospital.

The hospital source, who preferred to remain anonymous, said:
“She was brought in on May 11, at about 1.20pm, unstable and restless. The story was that her complaint started that morning. Her blood pressure was also high. Being that we were not in possession of her past medical records, we acted based on clinical situation and referred her to a general hospital.

“The people that brought her left and so there was no one to take her to where she had been referred to hours after stabilising her condition. Several calls to the number they gave us were replied with one story or the other. At some point, the lady started gasping, and eventually died. It was not until the following day that they came to pick up her remains.”

The father of the deceased, Emmanuel Ndukwu.
He told Punch on the telephone that the orphanage founder had agreed with her late daughter to take custody of the child after delivery without the consent of the family. He said he and his wife knew nothing about the pregnancy, adding that his daughter left his house and told the family that she was going to Abuja.

He said, “After telling us that she was going to Abuja, we did not hear from her until her death. But we later learnt that Grace (orphanage owner) and her husband had organised a naming ceremony for the new baby without informing us.”

Mr Ndukwu said he was not aware of the relationship between his daughter and Pastor Hillary until her death.

He said, “My family and the pastor’s family have met and we agreed that Hillary will perform all the marriage rites for my late daughter according to the tradition of our people. We are doing this because a child is involved. The pastor did not deny his responsibility, so the normal thing must be done.”

The police in Lagos said they are investigating the sad incident and all the parties involved.