PDP Lacks Equity, Fairness & Justice; Baboon Can Work And Baboon Can Chop – Muazu, PDP Chair


The chairman of the People’s Democratic PArty of Nigeria, Adamu Muazu said in a recent televised broadcast that the problems in the party and why party members were leaving to other parties was because the party lacked “equity, fairness and justice.” His statements received a resounding applause from seated party members.

Muazu also surprisingly said that the problem was when monkey worked and baboon chopped, a popular colonial adage. Monkey referred to the masses or the colonized and baboon to the colonialist cabal set of select rulers. Muazu proposed again to resounding claps, a new version that baboon can work and chop (embezzle).

This means as the chairman wants, the PDP leaders can work  and chop(embezzle), while monkey (the masses) can benefit nothing, no work and no chop. It all goes for the baboon as the chairman desires and the party members agreed.

Watch him here on the Dr Damages show at 8:35 minutes: