PDP Makes Me Laugh, By Terfa Naswem

by Terfa Naswem

BAN ON AIT FOR COVERAGE OF PRESIDENT ELECT GENERAL BUHARI’S ACTIVITIES:  Francis Erhuen, just like I have noticed, noticed the hypocrisy of PDP on Buhari decision on AIT….

When I read the story by PDP published on online premium Times on April 28, 2015 titled: AIT BAN DANGEROUS FOR DEMOCRACY—PDP, I was wondering if some people listen to themselves whenever they talk and could just forget recent past so soon.

I agree that ban on media is dangerous for democracy and we as journalists believe in a government that gives the media the freedom to work without unnecessary interference, but if such condemnation came from another group aside PDP, it would have been understood. But as far as I am concerned, PDP has no moral justification to condemn Buhari’s ban on AIT from covering his activities when it has done terrible harm to the media.

The same PDP that is condemning Buhari’s ban on AIT as being dangerous for democracy has done worst things to the media as Francis Erhuen has made it clear:

Under PDP and Jonathan Government in 2013, two Leadership newspaper reporters were detained for days for publishing a Presidential directive. Under PDP and Jonathan Government Six reporters from the Nation newspaper were detained for Publishing OBJ’s Letter to President Goodluck Jonathan. Under PDP and Jonathan Government In June 2014, men of the Millitary & SSS Seized and destroyed Copies of major newspapers, stopping Circulation. Under PDP and Jonathan Government in March 2015, two AL Jezeera Journalists Covering elections in Borno state were held in Custody for weeks for no Reason. Under PDP and Jonathan Government In 2014, AIG Joseph Mbu ordered the Arrest of AIT Journalist Ameachi Anakwe for calling him controversial.

Well I am not surprise because PDP always make me laugh when it comes to issues like this.

Those PDP members who blame or judge Buhari for banning AIT  should first put their house in order before putting someone else’s. Buhari’s decision on AIT was right because it was just a warning to other media organizations to uphold professionalism in journalism.