PDP post convention Reconciliation Committee South West mission

‘We are all UNITED’ – Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson

I believe that our Reconciliation efforts in the South-West have gone very well.

Our party leaders have left nothing in doubt as to their genuine and abiding commitment and loyalty to the party and to the the service of our great country. They understand that we have no option and that all people of goodwill need to be in a formidable, non religious and non sectional national platform; an all inclusive big umbrella that will unite our party and nation more as well as deliver Nigerians from the situation of hopelessness we now find ourselves in.

We are all united, working together to do what is right for our country. And we are grateful as a committee to all our party leaders in the and we count them particularly the leadership of our party in the south west to reunite the party in order to build a cohesive and strong party.

We have assured them all that moving forward, the south West will be a critical pillar of support upon which our future successes will be built. We are pleased with their individual and collective responses and activities and these are people we know very well and have no cause to doubt them.

We are returning back to the National party leadership on whose behalf we are here, with that message of solidarity and continued membership and service of our party and in no distant time Nigerians will see that all PDP leaders will work hand in hand, moving forward.