To The People of Borno: Do Not Let Jonathan Do To You What Uthman Couldn’t

Kanemi Empire of Bornu


This is a solemnly written letter to all the people of Borno. Let those who can, read it and those who cannot have it read to them.

I greet you in the name of the Creator;

Will you let Jonathan do to you what Uthman Dan Fodio could not?

Are you going to let Borno, the great Kanemi Empire fall to these foreigners? Are you going to let the evil plotters take your Empire?

I write you as one of you. Your fight is my fight. I write you as a friend, brother and a son.

Boko Haram rules over 75% of Borno. They are installing satanic Emir’s in our palaces. They have vilified our sanctuaries. How long shall we run from them? How long shall our sons hide in ceilings only to be pulled out and slaughtered? How long shall we wait for this military whose leadership connives with the very terrorists who slaughter us? We have waited for five years and all that has happened is the rape of our people. The intentional fight-and-stop war that allows Boko Haram time to conscript more of our children for the military to help them slaughter in stage-wise annihilation. In these five years we have witnessed a partnership to exterminate us. We have been brought to our knees in five years. Are we still going to wait for this government that the entire world knows smuggles guns for terrorists? Are we still going to wait for this very government whose army chiefs supply our enemies the weapons they use to massacre us?

When shall we gather ourselves together, legions of brave Borno youth and make a stand? When shall we invite brothers from across Nigeria to come and join us recover our wealthy land? Is there not a warrior among us? Is there not a real leader among us? Do we not have wealthy enough people to sponsor us? Do we not have holy enough people to pray for us? If we must, we should chase out the entire military from our State and wage our battle, win or lose by ourselves; but dear family, the time for waiting on Jonathan is gone. He has handed over our rich land to foreigners from the French countries who want our oil, our farm land, our resources, our daughters and our youth. He has sold Borno because his heart is black. Aso rock is not simply vacant; it is occupied by smugglers, murderers and treacherous tyrants. It is a sin to wait for Aso rock. We cannot wait for evil leadership. On what account shall we wait for such evil leadership? How will we explain to those who come after us that we lost Bornu because we waited for the Beast?

I call on the people of Borno to rise up now. May the Custodian and Protector of mankind protect you.

What’s said right is inspiration, what’s said wrong is personal error.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian