People Rather Not Vote Than Vote Jonathan; Buhari Leads Jonathan 10:1 in Ongoing Poll

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In preliminary results from a NewsRescue poll, almost as many Nigerians as will rather not vote is the number that will vote for Jonathan. Out of 877 Nigerians polled, 25 will vote for another candidate that Buhari or Jonathan, 31 will not vote at all and only 55 will vote for Jonathan. This compares to 762 who say they will vote for chief opposition candidate General Muhammadu Buhari.

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It is remarkable that 31 will rather not vote which is almost as many as the 55 who will vote for Jonathan in spite of billions of dollars pumped into campaigns for the incumbent.

Meanwhile in our poll as well as a PremiumTimes poll, Buhari approaches over 10:1 against Jonathan.

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