PHOTOS: Woman Caught In A Sealed Gutter In Lagos Nakéd; Accused Of Being Witch

Apr. 26, 2014


Strange things are really happening these days. How did this happen? Wonder of our time:

The lady in the photo above was caught on Friday in a permanently sealed gutter around the Albati barracks of Ojuelegba in Lagos. She was screaming out for help from deep inside the gutter when a passer-by heard her scream. He tried to help her, but couldn’t because there was no way he could get into the gutter to help her out. The gutter his permanently sealed!
So, people are wondering how she got in there in the first place. They had to get a welder to cut one of the barricades of the gutter before she could be rescue. The woman suspected to be a witch, said in tears:

“My name is Amudat Jimoh, It was God that sent me here. He said I should confess my sins so that I don’t die, please I need water to drink, help me. I don’t know how I found myself here, please help me.”

The place almost turned into a market square and a mob almost took laws into their hands before the military in the area took over and restored law and other. The people called her dirty names like “witch, killer, etc. One person openly accused her thus: “You were flying at night and you missed your way.”

However, in the heat of the event, another person said, “how can someone get stuck inside this enclosed gutter? It must be a punishment from God to expose her”.

The lady has been handed over to the police, but what offence will they charge her with? Is “flying” a crime?