Picture: Did Gejite Onyeka Onwenu Go On Her Begging Knees For Buhari?

Sunday Akoji said

What’s going on here?

Onyeka Onwenu took hypocrisy to an all time low as she visited President Muhammadu Buhari at the villa.

The image of Madam Onyeka Onwenu on her knees greeting President Buhari is an eyesore!

C’mon even if you ate yams that you’re not supposed to eat and you’re afraid of relocating to Gashua or Kirikiri, you still have your pride and dignity to protect!

Since I was born and now that I am old, I have never seen any ex- or serving government official kneel down to greet Mr President.

Onyeka Onwenu gets a shower of #Thumbsdown for bringing shame to #GEJITES. This is the same woman who was providing soprano and tenor for Mama Peace during PDP Women Presidential campaign rally when she launched the infamous single:

“If you vote APC na your prison

If you vote Buhari na your toro

Goodluck identiti……

Goodluck identiti……


Chaiiii Onyeka Onwenu, na only you waka come kneel down????? Did you come with Kema Chinkwe and other yam eaters????

#ThisIsNotRespect #ThisIsShameful #Nansense