PMB The Fox Garding The Hen House

President Buhari; img: Tolu Jinadu

By Aliyu A. Tanimu kwarbai

The mad civil war on corruption by the presidency makes it even more imperative for the political commentators, social media gladiators and civil society not only to hold firmly to that pick axe of a united front against our villainous and venal political leadership, it also makes it imperative to wield the axe very effectively and make sure no one pulls any wool over our eyes. But half the truth is often a whole lie. I feel amazed and touching when ever went to my balcony to feel natural flourishing air, seeing estates build by the big men of our father land. Recently on 1st June 2016 I went to the other side of our balcony, unfortunately I saw Magu boys design a very big land with there popular slogan “EFCC KEEP OFF UNDER INVESTIGATION” the land too is designed as a estate, building start anytime soon. But EEFC had interrupte the mission.

Hypocrites and people whose godfathers where arrested or called for questioning base on evidence are busy chanting “WITCH HUNT” But as one old saw goes, the prayers that moved mountains carried a pick axe. One axe which helped our prayers that defeated the many political parties which comprehend the ruling government from 1999 – 2015. But I do recall what I read around last year, an old column that pioneer female journalist and the co-founder of my alma-mater Therbow school, Theresa Bowyer, writing in her popular column in New Nigerian’s Saturday Extra, replied that Nigerians would not pray because the problem was not in their stars but in Gowon’s own style of leadership (during civil war). I would not go as far as Mrs. Bowyer to call on Nigerians not to regards Gowon’s call to prayers, how I wish she is still alive to write again “let the people pray for Buhari ” for I believe, she is an activist and one who hate corruption in any form just like I am sure Mrs. Bowyer did, in the efficacy of prayers. Like many Nigerians I believe it was the power of prayers and God wills of new Nigeria, under president Muhammad Buhari.

One of the most peaceful election in Nigeria and vigilance of the poor man (Akasa a tsare) youth on social media and the civil society. For once these institutions refused themselves to be divided into North or South, Musilm or Christian, Hausa or Igbo or Yoruba or whatever, in their determination to hold politicians to their moral and legal obligation to respect our Constitution all on this standard “war on corruption” Reader if you don’t a former Director- General of the NIMASA, Mr. Raymond Temisan Omatseye, had been to five years in prison over a N1.5bn contract scam last week. He was APC member and Senatorial candidate in Delta state, in the last year’s election. So what do people mean by witch hunt, don’t mind there might be the opposition party, but for any good patriotic citizen will welcome the war on corruption lead by the GCFR Muhammdu Buhari.

the $2.1 billion arms fund allegedly mismanaged by the former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki. Mr. Dasuki and some other officials of the previous administration are already being prosecuted for their roles in the scam popularly referred as #Dasukigate. The former governor of kano state and minister in the previous administration, Ibrahim shekarau after his arrest said “I am not suspecting any political undertone in my arrest but rather regard it as an act of God to test my faith” his names was indicated on N950 million which is believe shared inside his house.

There are reports that many past served appointees of the previous administration are requesting to refund some money, Diezani the fmr Minster of petroleum aka resource control is allegedly to be one of them. My question here is, if you know you are clean why not go and clear your self in the appropriate place, and stop running like mad people. Some reports said the former controller of customs is wanted by the security agencies. A character from the same state with the president.

Disorganization of the civil service, the introduction of the treasury single account, had made a beaucop strong influence on how the people will know the government and the recovery of billions of naira every Month, more than N2 trillion since the coming of this current administration of Baba Buhari. The reported cases of ghost workers deliberately introduced by top government officials are dominant, during the past administration.Recently EFCC detects 37,395 ghost workers in federal civil service, which I believe is a welcome development to every developing nation, unless such citizens of that deleterious state are mind corrupt or even dead inside the pool of corruption. Other problems the present administration confronted in the civil service are
1 Inflating quotation prices and collaboration with contractors which I believe is common

2. Falsification of records, issuance of false documents such as receipt booklets are also Frequently happening in the civil service.

3. Recruitment excersice which is one of the biggest chellenge in the civil service.

In 2014 Immigration pockets N520 million from job seekers, for which 520,000 people applied and only 4,556 will be recruited. At the same time induce the death of more than 15 applicant. which I believe we have started seeing change on that form recently there was online recruitment exercise for Nigerian Police Force, which is all the process is free.

Educational sector, with the new development ceasing the post UME is a remarkable standard. With the hardship of getting admissions to tertiary institution of one choice, and blockage of the money there collected from candidate. Which I don’t think it making any impact or may even go to unknown pockets.
On may 29 2015 the president promise to secure the land which was amalgamated in 1914, with the name Nigeria. I see know reason why an elite should upset the people in one way or the other,claiming a part of the territory as there own. Before the coming of constitution, history has told there was a lot of controversial and a lot of gatherings with traditional leaders and religion leaders, in general our ancestors.

Majority carrys the vote, with the acceptance of the above mentioned leaders. I see no reason to disobey the law, if one commit a crime to the land let him face or even enjoy the law. Indeed, the president have done well in terms of securing the nation as he stated during his oath taking. For a year now, Boko haram no longer bombing kano, kaduna and other major cities which much of this happens to take place before. New terrorist, Niger Delta Avengers ( NDA) which there aim is distabalize the current administration and cripple the economy by bombing the major oil facilities. And at the same time treating Mr President life, I think the government is trying to calm the situation in that region. By deploying the arm forces of the nation to fight back the NDA terrorist.

Lastly, am going back to corruption scandal, the federal government under the leadership of president Muhammad Buhari, from 29 May 2015 to 29th May 2016, have recovered these humongous amount from heartless people all from all over the country. In Naira – N2.987 trillion. (approximately N3 trillion.) ️ In Dollars – $9.275 billion ️ In Pounds – £5.92 million ️ In Euros – €314.649 million. These above amount can carter for the half of 2016 budget. Only in one year the government hadrecovered this huge amount of money “wow”. And he has 3 more years to go, that is vogaguer of the president as some people refers him as “junketer” isn’t a waste.

Long live Baba Buhari!
Long live Nigeria!!

Aliyu A Tanimu kwarbai, is a 300 level student of Economics, at baze university Abuja
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