Police Blow Off Brains of BUK, Kano Beautiful Muslim Girl In Continued Radical Oppression By @MBuhari


In continued radical fanatic oppression against Shia Muslim minorities, the Buhari government is again accused of blowing off the brains of a beautiful student of Bayero University Kano, Hussaina Dauda Nalado along with another youth during the peaceful Arbaeen walk this week.

Two people were killed as Nigerian police as is typical, fired shots at the Shia Muslims making their their religious observances.

Police stationed to make the killings

The Buhari government began a clampdown on Shia minority Islam in the nation in 2015 under alleged Saudi Arabia sponsorship, trying to import the Sunni-Shia deadly tensions into Nigeria. The government killed and secretly buried as many as 1000 Shia Muslims in its first massacre of the Shia in December of 2015. Since then at every opportunity the new APC-led administration has killed Shia Muslims at every event.

Meanwhile the Saudi Government under a new initiative has embarked on the recovery of radical Islamist textbooks it shipped across the world as a new GCCEI center in Riyadh promises to promote a more tolerant version of Islam against the radical Wahhabi version the region has been widely condemned for exporting with billions of petrodollars over the years. The impact of this new project is yet to reach radical fanatics in Nigeria like president Buhari and others in his administration.

Buhari, El-Rufai said to be serving Saudi wahhabi sponsored agenda