Politics Of Dead Conscience In Nigeria, By Attamah C. Malachy

Peace meeting

By Attamah C. Malachy

Conscience is the internal watch-dog of every
reasonable person and the absence of it makes one a
devil among angels. The Nigerian political system is
corrupt because its politicians are of dead
conscience. They have sold their conscience to the
wind; hence the entire governmental system appears
to be ill-affected. Nothing seems to be working right
because the head is seriously suffering from the
deadly virus of corruption. In fact, none of Nigeria
politicians has the fear of our national laws at heart;
neither do they have the fear of the Supreme God.
When you pay attention to what these cabals say
when they go out for political campaign, you will
understand what I am saying. They don’t have shame
because their conscience is dead and that is why they
tell all manners of lies, just to make their way to the
Aso rock.
Why will you ask us to re-vote you into power before
you may give us our entitlements as citizens? Even
when you have denied us same for the past six years
you have been in the Aso Rock? What have you been
doing with them? You said until we re-elect you
before you can bring an end to insurgency in our
country. What have you been doing since the
emergence of the insurgency? Many of our brethren
have been massacred; many have been held hostage
for what they are not responsible for while many
have been left homeless. The poor innocent
Nigerians are dying of hunger and frustration as a
result of injustice, impunity and corruption that have
become the dictates of your ill-baked administration;
yet you never acted, and you want us to re-elect you.
What a shameless and corrupt political system!
Must you fool us before we elect you? Must you sing
several choruses of deceit before we re-elect you, if
truly you deserve another chance? You need not to
struggle before convincing reasonable Nigerians to
vote you if you have a good record to show. I
suppose your previous records should do that for
you if you have a good one. Please, stop fooling us
because; when we hear you speak, we need not to
ask who you are; when we see you act, it
corroborates your deceitful words.
Nigeria politicians have turned the nation into a
helpless country; they have made it so vulnerable to
an extent that everything has fallen apart. It is only in
a political system like the Nigeria’s that criminals are
celebrated. Imagine, corrupt officials go unpunished
because of a personal imported law of freedom in
democracy by one man. Is that what the law of
freedom offers? Is that what democracy has brought
to innocent Nigerians? I am in a great doubt!
Nigeria needs a messiah and we are like the
expectant pregnant woman. We are yet to see a
better Judas among these self-acclaimed messiahs. Is
it the man that allows corrupt officials to go free in
the name of freedom in democracy; or the man
whom his record in 1983 has proved him an enemy
of democracy? The man who has vowed that the
nation will be bloody if he loses election, come
February, 2015? Please, who is the better Judas
among these two self-claimed messiahs? In my
opinion, neither of the two is.
The awaited messiah is yet to come and will never
come until the day Nigerians become wise and begin
to make reasonable decisions. The messiah will
never come until when the interest expression forms
will be sold at affordable price by Nigerian political
parties. The awaited messiah will never come until
the day we Nigerians begin to fear the coercive
power of our national laws as a result of our
government enforcing them. The awaited messiah
will never come until the Nigerian political system
stops the zoning nonsense that has nothing to offer
the country except robbing her of the true messiah.
The messiah will never come until we begin to see
ourselves as fellow Nigerians devoid of; religious,
ethnic and tribal sentiment. The long awaited
messiah will never emerge until we stop politics of
deceit and dead conscience in Nigeria.
Attamah C. Malachy is a Nigerian aspiring lawyer. He has a vision for civil liberty in Africa.