#POTUS Trump: Nigerians Make Jest of Wole Soyinka, T B Joshua

Wole Soyinka


Nigerians are waiting for Professor Wole Soyinka to rip up his Green card and exit America as he promised he would in the advent of a Donald Trump victory.

Meanwhile PremiumTimes describes yabs for Synagogue prophet T. B Joshua. Ben Ezeamalu writes:

After Temitope Joshua had predicted on Sunday a “narrow” win for Hilary Clinton in the just concluded U.S. presidential election, Mrs. Clinton lost to Donald Trump of the Republican Party on Tuesday. Mr. Trump won over 270 electoral college votes to secure victory.

On Wednesday morning, Nigerians trooped to social media to mock Mr. Joshua (popularly known as TB Joshua), the founder of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, for the failure of his prophesy to come to pass.

A few hours later, Mr. Joshua deleted the prophesy posted on the church’s official Facebook account.

In its place, he posted a seven-line prayer on the church’s official Facebook account urging his members to join him in prayer.

“Ask Jesus to give you the grace to live your life in purity and honour, to listen to the Spirit of God and resist the evil spirits coming to you,” said Mr. Joshua.

“This is the prayer that will strengthen you forever. Ask Jesus to reveal the weakness in your heart and break that spirit. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!”

Last Sunday, Mr. Joshua had predicted a “narrow” win for the Democratic Party’s Mrs. Clinton ahead of the November 8 poll.

“Ten days ago, I saw the new President of America with a narrow win,” Mr. Joshua had said in his church sermon which was later posted on the church’s Facebook account.

“The new President will be facing several challenges over many issues, including: passing bills, attempts to possibly pass a vote of no confidence on the new President. The boat of the new President will be rocked.

“By the way, in order not to keep you in suspense, what I frankly saw is a woman.”

His wrong prophecy notwithstanding, Mr. Joshua’s followers besieged the church’s Facebook account on Wednesday praising “Papa Prophet T.B Joshua for his powerful and amazing prayers.”