Power Minister From Borno Donates N500M To Jonathan While State Remains In Darkness – Citizens Complain


dancing joBorno residents are bitterly complaining that while the State remains in a blackout for five months now, since the Boko Haram July 4th Damboa power-line attack, the Minister of State for Power, Junior Minister Mohammed Wakil just donated half a billion Naira to the Jonathan campaign.

Minister of Power, Mohammed Wakil is a Borno son from the very Damboa.

The Ministry has made many false claims that power has been restored but as we confirmed in a recent report, “Stone ages: 5 Months Of Blackout In Maiduguri, Borno Isolates State Lost To Terrorists” this is false; no power has yet been restored to most of Borno including Maiduguri, the State capital since the Biu-Damboa-Maiduguri lines were bombed. The darkness has been helping the terrorists inflict maximal causalities on the people while decreasing communication to and from the people.