Power Project Probe Unsettles Past Delta Leaders

Udom, Akpabio


By Akanimo Sampson

THIS is not the best of times for all the past political leaders in Delta State, a rich oil and gas state in Southern Nigeria, who had one thing or the other to do with the state’s Independent Power Project (IPP).

Power project was one of the veritable avenues most past leaders used to ripped-off their states of huge millions of dollar.

As worried past leaders in Delta are already growing goose pimples over the IPP probe, the state House of Assembly says they do not have any cause to be hypertensive.

The legislative arm of government has enjoined the jittery past public functionaries to calm their nerves, pointing out that the probe is not a witch-hunt, but just an oversight function.

House Leader, Tim Owhefere, said in Asaba, the state capital, that they will uphold the rule of law and most importantly the right to fair hearing, insisting that what the House is doing is just an oversight function in line with constitutional provision.

”It is never intended as a probe initiative against any individual”, Owhefere who doubles as the Chair of the House Committee on Information said.

He said the legislative arm of government was committed to fairness in all matters concerning the welfare of the electorate.