PremiumTimes’ Fact-Check: Buhari Claims On Boko Haram Defeat Are Bogus

Nigeria's military this December killed over 1000 minority Muslims in a similar but unarmed civilian situation


A PremiumTimes report including details from Africa Check, AFP, CNN and other investigative reports concludes that President Buhari’s claim that Boko Haram “are not holding any territory” is exaggerated.

In our recent report, we described how Nigeria’s military chief, T.Y. Buratai must be lying to the President of Nigeria.

PremiumTimes: While Boko Haram appear to have been driven from most major population centres, there is evidence that they still hold territory and have operational bases in some remote rural areas such as the Sambisa Forest. There are also claims by displaced residents that the militants remain active in remote areas like Gwoza and Monguno.

Mr. Buhari’s assertion that Boko Haram have “technically” been defeated has also been criticised by some analysts as the “defeat that never was“.

The Nigerian government has effectively sought to equate loss of territory by Boko Haram with defeat. “The capture of territory by Boko Haram lasted only about six months in the six-year long insurgency,” Mr. Cummings said. “It appears that they are not looking to capture any more territory at the moment because it is such a resource heavy exercise to do so.” Read full report on PremiumTimes