PremiumTimes Says Buhari Lied That No Journalist Has Been Harrassed, Arrested Under Him

President Buhari


PremiumTimes in a “Fact-check” article degraded the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari for ‘lying’ in a speech given on the 29th of April at the that under his tenure, no journalist had been arrested.

Buhari said,

“I can report to this congress that not a single journalist is being detained or harassed in Nigeria today.

“This government is not a threat to the media, and it is not about to stifle press freedom or deny anyone his or her constitutionally guaranteed rights.”

PremiumTimes went ahead to cite several instances of harassment and detention of journalists in Nigeria since a month after Buhari was sworn into power till days ago when the governor of Kaduna, Nasir el-Rufai detained a journalist, Jacob Onjewu Dickson for writing a report, which has attracted condemnation of the international Committee for the Protection of Journalists, CPJ. See more instances on PremiumTimes