President Buhari Indoctrinating Nigerian Army With Radical Fanatic #Wahhabism

President Buhari and army chief Tukur Buratai

By Nura Kurma Kano

I read, with bated breath, the reaction of the revered Grandmaster of Tijjaniyya sect, the indefatigable Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi, regarding the efforts of the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Saadu Abubakar, to systematically indoctrinate the Northern hemisphere to wahabism.

Indeed, the reaction of the revered Sheikh is not without justification if we took into consideration the fact that, Wahabism has become a corrosive cancer gnawing at the hearts of Muslims in particular, and humanity in general.

My military unimpeachable source, a man I both love and respect for his unflinching support for justice, for the oppressed, for Humanity, informed me of a diabolical systematic indoctrination into wahabism among Nigerian soldiers!

This heinous crime against Nigerian constitution, which categorically stipulated the necessity of secularism in the conduct of all aspects of governance in the nation, is being carried out with full support of the Generals, Air marshals and Admirals in the Nigerian military.

That a heretofore respectable institution such as the Nigerian military could be so targeted by wahabi kingpins, capo rigimes and capo de capi tuttis, is both astounding and frightening.

Naturally, the first indication we saw regarding the authenticity of the information my military source made me privy to, was the ruthless massacre carried out by the Nigerian Army against unarmed Shia civilians in Zaria, two years ago.

Naturally, several brothers and sisters who were saved by Allah alone on that fateful day, were astounded to hear the Army shouting anti Shia slogans in Hausa, the language predominantly spoken in Northern Nigeria.

Consequent upon, a lot of people wondered how could it be an Army, formed under a secular system could be so brazenly conducting a massacre against adherents of certain religious ideology while mouthing aloud slogans in support of Wahabism similar to the bleating shouted by ISIS terrorists?

The answer is not a farfetched one however, for by then, Wahabis systematically indoctrinated soldiers are several in the army, and they were the ones selected to perpetrate the ruthless massacre on behalf of their new found religious belief of die hard Najadi Wahabism.

Ironically, even the Zionists and the imperialists are privy to a visceral ruthlessness, callous bloodshed, murderous tendencies as well as envious streak etched in the marrow of Northern Muslim rabbles.

Expectedly, those who masterminded the massacre chose Northern indoctrinated wahabists from Northern extraction solely to carry out such massacre of unimaginable proportion.
Because, only them could be ruthless enough to hack civilians to death, slaughter toddlers and new borns, burn women and men alive, roast children and old women alive, impale women private parts and bossoms with sharp knives without any remorse.
Therefore, those who doubt the sincerity of the reaction of the revered Tijjaniyya Grandmaster, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi, should discard their doubts.

Surely, the Sheikh knew about this diabolically planned systematic indoctrination of Muslims into Wahabism in the North along time a go.

Disgustedly, the sultan began this wahabist crusade by insisting that, Nigeria, situated far away from Saudi Arabian Najadi regime, completely on different axis of lunar rotation, must follow the dates of Saudi Najadi kingdom in conducting the annual fasting in the month of Ramadhan.
Why, some people demanded, would the sultan insist on Northern Nigerians discarding their counting in the month of Shaaban to follow that of the Najadi kingdom, but never insist the North to follow the Saudis in the rest of the Months?

Like all megalomanic kings, the sultan refused to proffer any religious explanation or otherwise, regarding his insistence on such a sensitive issue till date.

Astoundingly, while the rest of the world is busy proscribing wahabism, burning its religious books, distancing their people from such cancerous belief, Nigeria-Northern Nigeria-of course, is trying, surreptitiously, to make itself a new wahabi kingdom of Africa.

The end will never be good for the North. And this is the truth.