President Jonathan Issues “Decree ’19” : Corruption Ceases To Be A Crime

Proudly Corrupt: President Jonathan’s Campaign Slogan

The embrace of the Jonathan corruption decree unfortunately is what Nigerians are being forced to –listen to – as the President and his People’s Democratic Party, PDP campaign across the nation. We are being told that corruption is not an offense deserving criminalization and incarceration. This is President Jonathan’s new decree; Decree ‘19 perhaps.

Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his Vice, Namadi Sambo have taken it upon themselves to be aggressive crusaders of corruption to Nigerians, old unemployed (=youth) and the next generation.

Growing up I remember a cartoon series, “Voltron, defender of the Universe.” Well in our presidency today we have Jonathan (the superhero), defender of the corrupt.

Jonathan first notably introduced this concept when he said that “corruption was not stealing.” These days he insists that if he were to incarcerate all the corrupt people in Nigeria, the jails will be filled up and there will be no one to lead the nation.

Unarguably it is being faced by an incorruptible duo, his chief opposition candidates, General Muhammadu Buhari and Attorney Yemi Osinbajo that has boxed Nigeria’s president into such a shameless and globally embarrassing campaign and philosophical posture. President Jonathan’s name will long go down the history books as the Nigerian and African of note to stubbornly canvass on behalf of the processes of corruption and the corrupt.

The world is watching Nigeria in astonishment. The global media is waiting to write epistles on the nature of the black man should Jonathan win – that we as a people are innately corrupt and rotten.

The questions that Mr. President with his new theory and Decree is challenged by include; why those guilty of petty crimes like shop lifting are then incarcerated if such social destructive behavior does not merit and benefit from the jail system… Oh, I forgot, to first wet the entrance of his Decree, the president elevated “ordinary corruption” – behaviors which include looting of State funds and manipulation of electoral results, above “horrible” stealing.

So the other question as prompted above is, is the ruling PDP party unabashedly engaging in the corrupt practices of manipulating the police and the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC to frustrate the opposition and manipulate an electoral victory for the ruling party? – Of course without thought that such behavior would be criminal by global standards? Being corrupt by principle, what other corrupt stuff are they proudly engaging in as we speak?

It’s a depressing time to be a Nigerian. Not just because we allowed the holders of such ideology rule us for 8 years (as Vice & President), but because as unbelievable as this may sound, Jonathan does have support. Yup. Nigerians who want our jails filled with penny thieves but void of those who plunder not only our resource and economic endowment but our national pride and civility.

With billions missing as several Central bank governors have explained and as has the African Union— just this week pointing to $40.9 billion looted from Nigeria yearly, president Jonathan has to hone in to his legacy. A legacy of corruption, and argue that corruption is not a bad thing for Nigeria.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian