Pro-Jonathan Lawmaker In Rivers, Evans Bipi Tries To Snatch Police Weapon

July 12, 2013


Several photos have emerged showing Rivers State lawmaker Evans Bipi attacking a police officer  during a fracas precipitated by President
Goodluck Jonathan and his wife to unseat the governor, Rotimi Amaechi.

Some of the of the photos show an enraged Bipi going for the AK 47 automatic gun of one of the policemen at the house of assembly.

On July 9th, Bipi  led thugs to take over the house, upon entering the assembly chambers he beat up some principal officers  of the house and pronounced himself the speaker before Governor Amaechi  personally intervened to thwart his efforts.

A pro-Amaechi lawmaker, Chidi Lloyd embarked on a counter-attack caught on tape, in the counter action he smashed a wooden mace on the head of another lawmaker who has remained hospitalized.

Self appointed “Speaker” of rivers State Assembly seen here trying to grab a police gun during a fracas

Evans Bipi