Protests Against Nigeria Govt. Killing People, Killing The Press


Dr Peregrino Brimah protests Tuesday at Nigerian Embassy New York against Nigerian government intimidation of the media.

Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission overstepped its constitutional boundaries in arresting Mr. Abusidiqu Usman in attempt to muzzle and silence the Nigerian media.

The Nigerian media has been the balance of the government exposing financial crimes and embezzlement by serving and past government officials in the civil service and military.

The media has also exposed crimes against humanity including the mass murder of over 350 Nigerians in Zaria last December and their secret burial in a mass grave at Mando: perpetrated by the Nigerian military in cahoots with the Kaduna State government.

Nigerians will loose their rights to safety security and the pursuit of prosperity if harassment and intimidation of the Nigerian media continues.


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