Punch Calls On Assembly To Rise-up & Ensure Nigeria #WithdrawFromSaudiCoalition


A Punch editorial published Wednesday has called on the Nigerian Assembly to rise-up to its obligations and “stand up to the executive on this misadventure” and ensue Nigeria is pulled out of the Saudi-led so-called anti-terror coalition.

In the strongly worded editorial, the top Nigerian daily accused Saudi Arabia of being globally recognized sponsors of terror groups according to several referenced international think tanks and government intelligence agencies. The editorial further criticized Saudi Arabia of aiding and not abetting Boko Haram terror that plagued Nigeria for the past years.

Punch advised Nigeria’s president to protect Nigeria’s interests ahead of his personal convictions. The paper also condemned the style Nigerian leaders typically first make national interest announcements to the foreign Press ahead of telling Nigerian media. The revelation by Buhari that he had “joined” the Saudi-led coalition to Aljazeera and not to Nigerian media was highly a high disappointment.

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