Questions to Acting President @ProfOsinbajo on #FreeZakzaky:

1) Acting President @ProfOsinbajo:

Why is the Saudi-backed Nigerian Govt pushing millions of Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers to the wall?

2) Acting President @ProfOsinbajo:

Did you see what bloody war is doing to #Syria and #Iraq? Do you want such deaths & destruction in Nigeria?

3) Acting President @ProfOsinbajo:

You people brutally murdered 1000+ followers of Sheikh Zakzaky in Zaria. You people murdered his 3 children

4) Acting President @ProfOsinbajo:

You people wickedly dumped the dead bodies of the 1000+ Zakzaky followers you murdered in mass graves.

5) Acting President @ProfOsinbajo:

A competent Nigerian Court ordered that Sheikh Zakzaky & his wife be freed. You people refused to free them

6) Acting President @ProfOsinbajo:

You people murdered 3 children of a citizen & holding him in 18 months illegal detention. Is this fair?

7) Acting President @ProfOsinbajo:

Saudi savages want Sheikh Zakzaky to die in detention from his injuries. Do you think Nigeria will survive if such an evil happen?

8) Acting President @ProfOsinbajo:

Sheikh Zakzaky need urgent medical attention as a Nigerian citizen. Obey Court order #FreeZakzaky & wife.

Harun @Elbinawi