Ramadan: Reverend, Pastor & Evangelist Visit Kaduna Mosque and Breakfast with Muslims to Boost Religious Tolerance

The Team of the Christian clerics was headed by Pastor Yohanna Buru,the general overseer of christ evangelical intercessory fellowship ministry sabon Tasha kaduna south of Northern Nigeria and the aimed is to strengthening peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance among different faith base organization in Kaduna.

Both The Muslims and Christian clerics with their followers  were seen  eaten and drinking different varieties of foodstuff after breaking the fast in side the mosque which is located inside the central market of Kaduna state.

Pastor buru said ,we came to felicitate with you for the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan and to urged you our Muslims brothers to redoubled effort in both prayers and reciting Qur’an and and appealing to youth to always attend Tafisr for GOD’s blessing and intervention.

The visitation also was aimed toward encouraging “Christian’s cleric-to-Muslims clerics visitation” so as to further strengthen peaceful co-existence and interreligious tolerance,forgiveness among Nigerians and also to spread the message of Peace, unity and to shun all forms of ethno-religious, political and regional differences.

Pastor Yohanna Buru said, we as christian leaders, every year usually go to prison and bail-out some muslims brother, in other to get them Freedom, so that they can do their fasting at home with friends, family and Relative like any other muslims, and we usually join muslims scholars in breaking fast and attend their Tafsir to learnt together with them.

“We are calling on all muslims to pray for Nigeria ,and pray for the president and pray for rapid development in all sectors,pray for all sick once to be better,pray for continuous unity of Nigeria.”

Pastor said, we know the value of prayer and fasting that is why we came to appealed to you to pray for the continuous unity of the country, please pray for Nigeria not to disintegrate.


Also responding is Pastor George John and evangelist Jonathan with Reverend John who expressed satisfaction and called on both federal and state government to be organizing more inter-faith breaking fast across the country,according to them this will surely gives more room for dialogue among different faith base organization that will encourage ever-lasting peace building in the entire country.

The Chief Imam of Tijjaniya Mosque in Sheik Gumi Market,Sheik Ibrahim Kyauta said, only God can bless the Christians that came to join them in the Ramadan fast breaking.

Sheick ibrahim urge all peace loving Nigerians to emulate such gesture of visiting each other at home or places of worship to extend friendship with other faith organization to love in peace and harmony,adding that this is the fifth time that the Christians are coming to their mosque, in other to join us in breaking Ramadan Fast,with their followers.

Sheikh Ibrahim said Gradually by God grace we shall over all form of crisis in the name of religion.