Re: Shi’ites/Army Clash: Arewa Youths Raise Alarm Over Plan to Politicize Investigation

Implicated Kaduna governor Nasir el-Rufai and Amy chief Tukur Buratai


My attention was drawn to the above article as appeared in the Vanguard Newspaper of today (18th/04/2016) by a friend who called me and told me that my name was specifically mentioned in the article. The mentioning of my name was not by accident, it was a direct message of threat to my life by the genocidal cabal that brutally slaughtered close to 1000 Nigerians and dumped their dead bodies in mass Graves in the #ZariaMassacre.

We had credible information that I will be eliminated by way of an “accident” & I almost had that “accident” recently but the fact that I am alive today shows that only God give life and only God taketh life. I am not new to death threats due to my online activities, I had the honor of receiving death threats from almost all the murderous terrorist groups in the world. From ISIS, AlQaeda, Boko Haram, Taliban and even the AlShabab of Somalia. When AlShabab brutally slaughtered more that 150 innocent University students in a Kenyan University last year and as usual the hypocritical West was nonchalant since the victims were Africans and Blacks, we strongly campaigned against AlShabab on various social media platforms and as usual with all terrorist groups they sent death threats.

But for the sake of setting records straight, I will discuss the issues raised by this yet another faceless group, Arewa Youth Intellectual Forum (AYIF) recruited by the bloodthirsty savages who killed innocent Nigerians in their sleep and dumped their dead bodies in mass Graves to bury the evidences of what was undoubtedly a war crime.

The sponsored group claimed that “there are plans by the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, IMN, to pitch the Federal Government against the Kaduna State Government in the investigation.” From their above claim they are trying to limit the damage done to their sponsors by the confessions of the officials of the Kaduna state government in the Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI). First IMN had announced its boycott of the JCI which was a direct message from Sheikh Zakzaky. And secondly it was not IMN that forced the Kaduna state Governor Nasir Elrufai to confess before the world that he collected 347 dead bodies of Nigerian Shia Muslims from two locations in Zaria and traveled more than 80KM to bury them in a single mass grave in Mando, outskirt of Kaduna. So it is not the IMN that has hijacked the narrative as this sponsored group had claimed, it is Truth that is indivisible that is beginning to emerge.

The faceless group also urged “the Federal Government to do everything possible to stop the radicalisation and militarisation of IMN”. If there is honesty and sincerity in this their claim them the IMN under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky will be at the forefront of this quest to stop the extreme radicalisation and militarisation of Muslim youths. With all humility I had written extensively on this issue and had profered practical solutions to this cancer that has turned hundreds of thousands of Muslim youths into bloodthirsty monsters who had turned the slaughter of the innocent into an art. And for their information the IMN does not have any military wing and that is not a decision imposed on the IMN, it was a decision made by Sheikh Zakzaky due to his principled undying love for peace and security in Nigeria.

The sponsored group claimed: “We are desirous of unbiased findings that will help in fashioning future responses and initiatives that will free youths from the clutches of extreme doctrines.” These are just empty rantings that contradict the reason for this their action. If they truly desire “unbiased findings” as they claimed they will not attack Governor Nasir Elrufai for confessing of his war crimes of burying innocent Nigerians alive including women and children.

Then before I conclude I will address the true youths of Arewa (Northern Nigeria) as that is the region I came from. Today on my Twitter handle I stumbled on a news item that said “the family of the late Bola Ige had earmarked N29 million for scholarship to deligent students from poor families from Oyo and Osun states”. Can one find such commendable gestures from the corrupt and extremely self-centered elites of Northern Nigeria? Aliko Dangote is the richest Black man on earth, how many students from poor families of Northern Nigeria or even Kano/Jigawa state does he gave scholarships? The second richest man in Africa after Aliko Dangote is from South Africa, last year he gave one-third of his total wealth in charity to the poor.

My dear Arewa Youths, the extreme poverty, ignorance, massive unemployment and backwardness in all indices of development that Northern Nigeria is experiencing today is the handwork of the corrupt, selfish and wicked elites of Northern Nigeria. And in order to deflect blame from themselves, these corrupt Northern elites always create distraction for their people and today that distraction is Shia Islam. There was a time that they created the fake Sharia as a distraction and many valuable innocent lives – both Muslims and Christians – were lost across various towns of the North. Today more than half of all the children out of school in the whole world are found in Northern Nigeria, the question is what are we doing to change this embarrassing statistics? Rochas Okorocha, an Igbo from the South-East, have a school meant for the children of the poor in Kano state, the home state of the African richest man Aliko Dangote who do not have any of such school in his state!

Finally, to the sponsored of this charade who are also the masterminds and executors of the brutal Zaria massacre that killed close to 1000 defenseless and unarmed Nigerians, yes you might succeed in eliminating us if that is the wish of God to bestow upon us the distinguish medal of martyrdom but you will never be able to bury what is undoubtedly a war crime.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]