Re-Tokunbo Ban: Coscharis Sells Car To Minister Stella At 10 Times Global Price

Oct. 18, 2013

Hamza Suleiman and Lekan Abayomi

FIGHT-THE-CABALNewsRescue– As the Nigerian Aviation Ministry scandal unveils itself, the role of Coscharis in this deal is gathering attention of Nigeria’s poor masses in lieu of the proposed Tokunbo car ban or increased duties to make them as good as banned.

Nigerian auto companies like Coscharis, Elizade motors and Stallion group are at the center of the lobbying with the Minister of Trade and Industry, Olusegun Olutoyin Aganga, who eagerly announced his wishes to ban the importation of Tokunbo cars, without first providing public transport for suffering Nigerians and also even first having available cheap made in Nigeria cars.

The Nigerian government was eager to ban or raise the tariffs on importing cars, so as to cut self rewarding deals with these car companies who are lobbying and establishing relationships with global car manufacturers to set up car plants in Nigeria.

The problem that NewsRescue and other public commentators have hammered on is the greed and insolence of Nigeria’s cabal and government.

Dangote, another cabal and government master controller, got similar concessions and was able to get the government to ban everyone else from importing or manufacturing cement in Nigeria and as we detailed in the article: Paying Double The World Price: Dangote Cements Nigerians In Poverty. To repay Nigeria for our concessions to help him establish manufacturing plants, including our plants he bought from his friend, Obasanjo at half the price. Dangote sells cement to Nigerians at double the global price.

Minister wants to get rich quick via ban
Minister wants to get rich quick via ban

Thanks to him, Nigerians can not rebuild their homes destroyed in the floods or build new homes because his exorbitant overpriced cement drives up the cost of related building materials and doubles the total cost to build homes. Dangote’s company has been declaring double profits, some of the highest quarterly returns in the stock market as he continues to steal from all Nigeria’s masses.

The same situation promises to repeat itself if Nigerians allow the proposed raising of tariffs on importing cars to go ahead. Nigerians feel the few jobs a few thousands of them will get as they do from Dangote suffices for the hardship of purchasing cars at double and triple the global price.

We also predicted that when Dangote builds his refinery, Nigerians will pay double the global price for petroleum. There is much precedence to this in what Dangote has done and in the latest scandalous deal Coscharis conducted with Nigeria’s aviation Minister Stella Oduah. See: Dangote Refinery: Nigerians Will Pay Double For Petroleum

The invoice below shows Coscharis sold the car to her at 10xs the global price. The greed of Nigeria’s cabal owned industries has no equal in the world. Selling to the ministry for $1.6 million what sells in the US and Europe for $160,000.

Are these the type of corrupt and greedy Ministers and companies Nigerians wish to control their entire vehicle procurement options?

Nigerians are sleeping meanwhile and refuse to rise up the the vampires in government and around it that are set on driving them into the harshest poverty on the planet, as they fatten their pockets every blessed day.

Minister of Aviation BMW 760 Li HSS Armoured car documents obtained by SaharaReporters