Re: Unlawful Dismissal From NNPC: A Plea For Mercy

5th January 2015.


The President & Commander -in-Chief

Of the Armed Forces,1

Presidential Villa, Abuja.


Your Excellency Sir,


With due respect sir, I, Mr Ayodele Opaleye, who was superintendent oil movement alongside six persons were unlawfully dismissed from NNPC on the 25th day of October 2005. The dismissal was solely based on an alleged product top-up of a vessel, MT Tutuma loaded at Warri Refinery Jelty on the 3rd day of August 2005.

Respectifully Sir, we were not given and/or accorded fair hearing by the NNPC before we were wrongfully dismissed almost ten years ago. We had no opportunity to defend ourselves properly. Thus, our fundamental right was violated.

Sir, on the said day that the alleged top-up happened, i was not around  as I was duly authorized and released  by Warri PPMC Management  to travel on official  assignment to Lagos. After our dismissal, we used every method we could to plead with the then GMD Engr. Kupolukun to no avail. we went as far as the House of Assembly where the case was revisited briefly and NNPC was asked to bring the report the panel submitted on the date of the next meeting. But as fate would have it, most of those in charge lost their seat in election and could not continue the case.

Still, we continued pleading with the assistance of Senator M.K. Jubril (2010) and Hon. K.J. Amusan (2009) but also to no avail. Two of us, Mr. I.S. Nakarde and Ms P.L. Odumalo who channeled their appeals through the office of the then minister of petroleum Dr. Rilwan Lukman were reinstated on the 19th of August 2009. The NNPC did nothing about it till the minister left office and they replied that their dismissal was approved by the president (Olusegun Obasanjo) and they could not be reinstated by a minister.

It was after the then GMD of NNPC (Engr. Kupolukun) left the office that the report of the panel was released to us. Therein it was advised that we should be retired not dismissed. Even retirement for a crime we did not commit is unlawful after 18 years of service by I and more by the others.

With all sense of respect Sir, I was wrongfully dismissed at the peak of my career, almost fifteen (15) years to this stipulated  retirement age. As of today, two among us who were dismissed are late, homes have been broken, loved ones have been lost and some children are even out of school.

This is however  a plea for mercy – the mercy your Excellency, is widely known for. The generocity and the fear of God that you are known for. We plea that you will recall us all and save our lives that has nose-dived, down the pinnacle of success.

Thank you sir.

Yours faithfully,

  1. A. Opaleye

For; Mr. M. S. Okafor, Mr. C. B. Ekoja, Mr. O. N. Ihaza, Mr. B. N. Nneli, Mr. I. S. Nakande, Ms. P. L. Odumah and Mr. A. A. Opaleye