Report: Nigeria Govt. Links to Boko Supplier; Kingpin released

Nuhu Mohammed and son {SR}

January 17th, 2012

NewsRescue- Reports from reliable sources indicate a strong campaign among some members of the ruling PDP party of Nigeria, also including pressure from some top military officers, to release the military office suspect, arrested on January 15th for his alleged role as weapons supplier and sponsor of the radical terrorist group, Boko Haram, which operates out of North Nigeria and neighboring Niger and has been responsible for a spate of political and religious bombings in Nigeria, including Christmas day bombings for 2 consecutive years. Our informants in the Nigerian army implored- all that can be done, should be done, including getting public and international media coverage, to prevent the secret release of the suspects.

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Kabiru Sokoto

Kabir Sokoto was also arrested at the Borno state governors lodge in Abuja on two days ago in a police sweep based on credible information. He was arrested with the accomplice military officer, whose company he allegedly requested to escort him to Abuja en-route London. The police had been on the tail of suspected Boko Haram members and supporters, including some top politicians, some of whom had fled to neighboring Niger and Chad republics.


Ringim: IG of Police that freed Kabir Sokoto {Vanguard}

Update, 6pm- New reports have it that suspect Kabiru Sokoto, has already been allowed to escape. His escape was described to have occurred under frivolous circumstances not worth detailing. This typical type of release of criminals happens in Nigeria, through ‘orders from above’. How far up did the orders for his release come? Federal government? US? UK? Kabiru Sokoto was allegedly enroute the UK, when he was arrested. Nigerians are demanding answers from the government and continue to live in perpetual terror.

Update, Thursday: CNN- Nigeria has offered a 50 million naira ($307,000) reward for any information leading to Kabiru Sokoto’s capture.

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What ever happened to the bombs and courier intercepted in Abuja {Img: VToday}
Zakari Biu: Police Commissioner who freed Kabiru Sokoto {fB}

SaharaReporters has confirmed that Nuhu Mohammed Marafa (alias Babawo), a suspected financier of the terrorist group Boko Haram, is a close associate of Vice President Namadi Sambo. Two days ago, Nigerian soldiers arrested Mr. Marafa in Kaduna State for illegal possession of arms and ammunition. Our investigations established that the suspect was one of the Vice President’s major promoters when Mr. Sambo ran for the Kaduna governorship in 2007.

Our sources revealed that the suspect ran a political organization for Sambo called “Namadi Ambassadors.”

The Vice President defeated Sani Sha’aban in the said 2007 election and was governor of Kaduna State until President Goodluck Jonathan invited him to be his running mate in the April 2010 election.

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SaharaReporters investigations also revealed that Mr. Marafa is a prominent member of ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), duly registered in Sabon Garin Nasarawa Ward of Chikun local government area. A source told us, “He is one of the key players in the party and has great influence in the state’s political affairs.”

Following his arrest, there were misleading rumors that he had been set free. But Mr. Marafa was paraded before journalists yesterday, a confirmation that he was in custody. Lieutenant Colonel Abubakar Edun, assistant director of public relations of 1 Division of the Nigerian Army, Kaduna, stated that the accused and his son are in custody.

The activities for which Alhaji Nuhu Mohammed Marafa attracted the attention of the Nigerian Army bordered on issues of national security. Specifically, it has to do with gun-running and suspected connection with and support for a terrorist group. After extensive surveillance, troops of 1 Division of Nigerian Army during the night of 13/14 January 2011, conducted a cordon-and-search operation on the compound of Alhaji Nuhu Mohammed Marafa, located at Tirkania, opposite IBBL Kaduna. Before troops could gain entry into the compound, there was a gunshot fired at the soldiers from the compound. It was later revealed that the shot was fired allegedly by Yusuf Nuhu Mohammed, the son of Alhaji Nuhu Mohammed Marafa. Yusuf escaped with the weapon by scaling the perimeter wall of the compound.” He was later arrested.

The military spokesman added: “It must be emphasized at this stage that investigations are still ongoing. Ultimately, the suspects would be handed over to the appropriate authority for further action at the end of investigations.”

The Nigerian Army gave a list of the following weapons reportedly found in their search of Mr. Marafa’s home:

Supplier, Comrade Nuhu Mohammed munitions for youth {fB}

9 mm ammunition—quantity 9

6 mm ammunition—quantity 5

7.62 ammunition (special) ammunition—quantity 1

7.62 mm (NATO) ammunition—quantity 11

Barrel Gun Cartridges—quantity 17

Pump Action Gun—quantity 1

Double Edged Special Axes—quantity 2

Machetes—quantity 3

An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) bomb in a Mirinda bottle, which if ignited could cause extensive damage.

Bows (metal)—quantity 2

Long Clubs (wood)—quantity 3.

Black Army Belt—quantity 1

Camouflage Belt—quantity 1

Two dog tags belonging to Nigerian Army D2004/1/55/1899 S Adamu and US Army 84637857 Rambo RH.

Nigerian Army camouflage trousers.

Two GSM Phones

10 pairs of vehicle plate numbers and 3 single vehicle plate numbers.

One whistle

Nuhu Mohammed, caught supplying guns {fB}

1 X passport each of Alhaji Nuhu Mohammed Marafa (aka Babawo) and his son Mohammed Yusuf Nuhu.

A novel titled The Last Duty by Isidore Okpewho.

1 driver’s license

1 group photograph

2 voters cards

7 GSM Sim Packs

1 Computer bag containing GSM phone accessories.


NewsRescue- Comrade Nuhu Mohammed was caught and arrested by the Military after investigations and tip-offs. He was rounded up at 1 am, while actively supplying weapons to Boko Haram local youth.

Nigerians look forward to more of this pattern of the exposing of Boko Haram terrorists operating in localities by locals.

{fB} Images: Hope for Nigeria, faceBook