Requesting Buhari #WithdrawFromSaudiCoalition

Buhari bows for King Salman


Nigerians are not interested in fighting for Saudi’s geopolitical interests. As a struggling nation, we are bleeding enough in economic collapse being inadvertent passengers and casualties of the Saudi oil wars against Russia and Iran. That is enough involuntary sacrifice being made for Saudi’s personal fanatical interests for this nation.

I do not believe President Muhammadu Buhari signed-up under the Saudi-led Islamist countries coalition against terror in the interest of the wishes of Nigeria’s masses. His confession, once again first to foreign media as is custom, was a shock and disappointment for most of us.

Just like Nigeria’s President challenged Christians to go and fight Boko Haram and MEND, so also, or rather, more appropriately, the important question to ask is: which Nigerian Christian or Shia Muslim or non fanatical other Muslim does Buhari intend to send to join ranks with and fight for Saudi interests across the world?

While perhaps General T.Y. Buratai and some of his ilk will be happy to go and fight for Saudi Arabia against their enemies; there is no doubt a majority of Nigerian soldiers should not be tested with such unconstitutional deployments.

Before Saudi Arabia should dream-up having the temerity to lead a so-called coalition against terror to which Nigeria will be a member, they should first answer this single question: what public statement did they make against Boko Haram throughout the five long horrendous years that the Salafist extremist barbarians killed tens of thousands of West Africa’s Muslims and Christians? What single action did they ever take against the sect? And why did Boko Haram always set up its meetings in the kingdom? Nigerians should not be insulted further.

I urge all Nigerians with conscience to rise-up as we did when late Yar’Adua of esteemed memory, after having tea with Obama, erroneously agreed to allow American boots on Nigerian soil. As we denounced this and compelled him upon his return to quickly reverse his erroneous commitment, so also must we rise up to the occasion and compel President Buhari to immediately excuse Nigeria from the fallacious and predictably malicious coalition. Nigeria has enough confusion as is than to get itself mangled in the Saudi fanatic web.

At this time, what we as a nation should be considering is the serious advise Buhari was given to withdraw from OPEC. Nigeria must work in the interests of Nigerians. OPEC has become a tool of war being used by the Gulf States against their enemies. Like was raised, Nigeria does not have the oil reserves and profit margin-over-production-costs to remain a pawn in the Arab States’ economic wars against their chosen enemies. We should reject being part of the first economic war and most definitely not sign-up to be part of a second Saudi monarch’s war. Whoever wishes to fight for Saudi Arabia can form a club and participate in such adventure on his own time. We as a secular nation reject being sworn in under that umbrella.

We support Buhari’s war against corruption.

We support Buhari’s war against Boko Haram.

But we denounce and unambiguously request President Buhari withdraw from the Saudi-led islamist coalition.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian