REVEALED: NSA Gusau Is A Foreign Spy in Nigeria [Cables]

Gusau ; image: aliyumohammedgusau

Jan. 22, 2014

NewsRescue investigations of tons of WikiLeaks files on the internet reveal that Nigeria’s three time NSA, chief of security is a Spy, working for foreign interests in Nigeria.

Aliyu Gusau, nominated by Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan for the post of Minister of Defence, was recently suspected in a weapons stash discovered with a Hizbullah cell in Kano. He has also been pointed to by many news sources as a major mastermind behind Boko Haram terror.

aliyu-gusau-2While the head of Nigeria’s security, Aliyu Mohammed committed what can be qualified as Grand Treason, by indulging all forms of top secret information to foreign officers in the nation.

Engagements typically followed a pattern of the intelligence chief, running to foreign embassies to pour out classified and sensitive information and to seek their help to influence Nigeria’s presidents.

A very dangerous man who put self above nation, Gusau indulged top secret information and involved himself as a Spy for reasons which include his desperation to rule Nigeria.

From WikiLeaks:

Cable 06ABUJA2006 reveals that Aliyu Gusau has hidden top level incriminating evidence against Nigerian politicians abroad, which he uses to blackmail and secure his personal positions:

8.  (S) Comment:  Having been at the pinnacle of the  Nigerian internal and external security services under  President Obasanjo until just over a month ago, Aliyu  Mohammed probably knows at least as well as anyone where  the skeletons are to be found.  Tales circulate that he has  let his enemies know that, for his own protection, he has  secreted abroad highly compromising evidence that would be SIPDIS  released should any harm befall him. He remains close to  IBB, is a member of the traditional Northern establishment.  In previous conversations, Aliyu has avoided speculation  and innuendo, so he may well take seriously the scenarios. -CAMPBELL

More Spy cables show how Nigeria’s #1 security man runs over to indulge Nigeria’s information to foreigners:

S E C R E T SECTION 01 OF 03 ABUJA 003186 SIPDIS SIPDIS E.O. 12958: DECL: 12/11/2016 TAGS: PGOV [Internal Governmental Affairs], PHUM [Human Rights], KDEM [Democratization], NI [Nigeria] SUBJECT: CORRECTED COPY – ALIYU MOHAMMED PREDICTS PRESIDENT OBASANJO WILL REMAIN IN POWER ABUJA 00003186 001.2 OF 003 Classified By: Ambassador John Campbell for Reasons 1.4 (b) and (d).

¶2. (S) At his own request, Aliyu Mohammed called on the Ambassador the evening of December 11. He was accompanied by bodyguards and escorted by a chase car with MOPOL police, unusual for a person who as National Security Advisor routinely drove himself alone. The purpose of the visit was to argue to the Ambassador the unsuitability of Yar’Adua as President of Nigeria, and to present the Katsina governor’s candidacy as part of President Obasanjo’s efforts to retain power.

¶7. (S) Aliyu Mohammed said that last week, there had been an exchange of letters between Babangida and the President in which the former requested, and was denied, the support of the latter. Aliyu said that Babangida told him that he now has three options: not to run at all, because he considers Yar’Adua a “younger brother” because of his relationship with the Shehu, or alternatively because he would throw his support to Aliyu Mohammed, “a close associate of some forty years”.

¶8. (S) In response to the Ambassador’s question as to who are the President’s current advisors, Aliyu responded that the most important office holders are Minister of Information Frank Nweke (a Christian Ibo), Minister of Aviation Femi Fani Kayode (a Christian Yoruba) and Presidential Special Assistant on the Media, Remi Oyo (a Christian Yoruba). He said that Minister of Education Obi Ezekwesili and Attorney General Bayo Ojo no longer wield the influence over the President that they once did.

gusau-kano2The cables went further to suggest that Obasanjo kept Aliyu on his staff, because he feared him outside the government, and of course, could not arrest him due to his incriminating evidence stash as earlier noted:

¶9. (S) Comment: This must be read in the context of Aliyu’s own presidential ambition and his thorough disillusionment with President Obasanjo. Nevertheless, he is well connected with the traditional Northern establishment, with political links throughout the country. In our view, Obasanjo kept him on as National Security Advisor (and thereby the head of all of the security/intelligence services) as long as he did because he judged Aliyu as less dangerous inside the tent than out.

In the following cables 07ABUJA47_a, NSA Gusau is seen conniving with foreign administrations to convince the Nigerian president on their agenda. He is also seen positing that he will not have prosecuted Obasanjo for the corruption and crimes he has documents and information on, and that this should convince Obasanjo to make him president. Clearly a very desperate and dangerous man to Nigeria.

Defense McNamara visited Nigeria last summer and met with President Obasanjo. A message from Secretary Powell should be “general to general,” he said. However, Mohammed believes that Obasanjo would use any written communication from President Bush to complain publicly about U.S. interference in Nigerian internal affairs. The only senior African leader that could reach President Obasanjo is President Mandela. However, Mandela is of advanced age and according to Mohammed, “sometimes senile.” President Obasanjo would be happy to go to South Africa at Mandela’s request, Aliyu speculated. Powell, McNamara or Secretary Rice, if present at a Mandela/Obasanjo meeting, could lend important support.

6. (S) Turning to other aspects of Nigerian politics, Aliyu Mohammed said that the President is now almost entirely

ABUJA 00000047 002.2 OF 002 isolated. Formerly, he had talked to FCT Minister El Rufai and to EFCC Chair Ribadu, but he is alienated from them now because they have made overtures to Buhari. He went on to say that Babangida and Buhari are in the midst of a (highly improbable) reconciliation. He dismissed Vice President Atiku’s candidacy because of his various legal battles. With respect to the Delta, Aliyu said that the military is “losing,” that it is outgunned by the militias, but he deflected questions about what the military’s response will be. He said the military “reads the papers” like everybody else. The DG of the State Security Service also characterizes the Delta as “lost cause,” he said. 7.

(S) COMMENT: Aliyu Mohammed wants to be President, thinks that Yar’Adua is stumbling, and thinks that this provides him with another opening following his defeat at the December PDP convention. Everything he says must be heard from that perspective. Despite regarding Yar’Adua as a “little brother” with whom he “talks all the time,” he believes the governor lacks the ability to govern Nigeria. Mohammed essentially promises that President Obasanjo and his inner circle will be immune from criminal prosecution in his administration and he sees that assurance as a strong inducement for the President to annoint him as successor. Nevertheless, President Obasanjo’s reported invitation to Aliyu to make a major speech at the PDP “retreat” could indicate that the President is reaching out to his former NSA, perhaps to open up more options for political maneuver.

Gusau the Spy is rewarded with his much sought for visit to US European Command
Gusau the Spy is rewarded with his much sought for visit to US European Command

We say it is time for Gusau to reveal the incriminating information he hoards for his personal safety and presidential ambition and bring justice for Nigerians or go to jail for his grand treason.