Russia Designs the Ultimate All Terrain Monster Truck [Video]

A Russian designer has unveiled a $65,000 amphibious “mini monster truck” which he claims can go more or less anywhere.

Alexei Garagashyan designed the SHERP ATV with a focus on its huge low-pressure self-inflating tires with paddle-like treads which propel it over water.

The all-terrain vehicle can plow through ice, water, snow, and all other conceivable extreme environments.

The off-roader is just 11 feet long but is capable of driving over 27.5-inch-high obstacles and is equipped with a system for instantly draining water from its body after being submerged in water.

It seats two passengers, is equipped with a 44-horsepower engine, can reach speeds of up to 27,9 miles per hour on land and 3,7 miles per hour in water, weighs 2,866 pounds, and is vastly customizable.