Russia Exposed US Ruse in ‘Fighting’ Daesh – Scholar

The Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group was created by the US and its allies and their “ruse” in waging a military campaign to allegedly destroy the group has been exposed by Russia, says an American scholar and political analyst.

Dr. Kevin Barrett made the remarks while discussing the US-led military efforts against Daesh which started in 2014 in Iraq and Syria.

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US Air Force Major General Peter Gersten, who is responsible for all US-led combat operations across Iraq and Syria, claimed this week that airstrikes by the so-called coalition against Daesh positions inside Syria and Iraq have led to the possible destruction of up to $800 million of the terror group’s cash reserves.

“If the US and its allies had wanted to stop the funding for Daesh, they could have done so long ago by cutting supply lines that go through Turkey and then mostly to Israel,” Barrett said Thursday.

He said it was instead the Russians that carried out the task in their anti-Daesh military campaign that started last September upon a request by Damascus.

“The US had been claiming to be bombing Daesh for years before that and apparently was not able to put a dent its funding and then when the Russians moved in, overnight practically, they were able to significantly cut Daesh’s ability to sell oil through the Turkey to Israel,” Barrett argued.

“So I think that we have to take this statement from the US military with a grain of salt,” he added.

Barrett called the US-led war on Daesh a “ruse,” saying that it was Washington and its allies that created the terror group in the first place.

“There are confirmed reports that Daesh was getting various kinds of US support including training in Jordan and there are all sorts of unconfirmed reports that in fact the so-called caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was a prisoner in Camp Bucca in Iraq under US command and custody,” he said, adding that Baghdadi used that time and the “special privileges” that he was given there to organize what would later become known as Daesh.

“So this group was probably created with the encouragement of the US and its allies in order to try to overthrow the government of Syria,” he said, citing official US documents that revealed Washington’s plans for establishing a “salafist” government in Syria.

He said Russia “exposed” America’s reluctance to uproot the terror group and the statements by the US general amount to nothing but “propaganda.”

“War is very much a matter of deception, a public relations effort and Daesh is a very convenient enemy for the US and the Zionist banksters who own and run it,” he continued.