“SaharaReporters under severe attacks”– Publisher Omoyele Sowore

Aug 16, 2013


New York-based news website, SaharaReporters, has issued a statement, saying its platform had come under sustained cyber attacks in the past three days.

Describing the attack as a severe multi-pronged one triggered by unnamed attackers to bring down the dirt-digging platform, Publisher Omoyele Sowore said his company’s server administrators were working tirelessly to restore the site to norlmacy.

He said despite the attacks, his team remained committed to “keeping up on the well-traveled  path of exposing the characters responsible for the decimation of the dignity of Africans.”

Read full statement below.

Attack On SaharaReporters Website

 Dear Readers:

During the period between Wed. Aug 14 and Fri. Aug 16, 2013, SaharaReporters has been under a severe denial of service attack. The attackers have used a multi-pronged approach to their attack. Using a botnet comprising some thousands of servers across the globe, the attackers have debilitated the site a number of times throughout this period. Their initial attack targeted a POST method attack to bypass the caching servers that normally prevent these types of attack. As soon as we were able to   assuage the effects of that attack, the attackers switched their strategy and began bombarding the site in other ways. After responding to this methodology and getting the site functioning for the majority of the day on Thursday, the attackers again changed their strategy.

The third prong of the attack is called a SYN Flood attack, and it works by overloading the server with connection requests that linger for long periods of time. This attack has proven quite challenging to overcome, and we are currently working very hard to block this particular attack method. The SYN Flood began sometime early Friday morning and continues as of 2pm EST Friday afternoon. Our server administrators continue to work tirelessly to get Sahara Reporters back on line, and we hope to have your news back to you in short order.

Since establishing Saharareporters.com in 2006, the website and operators have been subjected to series of attacks both in the cyber space, media platforms and through proxy lawsuits, we have been declared public enemies to the extent that one of the columnists associated with Saharareporters has been serially detained and harassed whenever he visits Nigeria. While we cannot stop the powerful subjects of our groundbreaking reports from engaging in these cowardly attacks, we assure the reading public, especially our fans that nothing will stop Saharareporters and its affiliates from keeping up on the well-traveled  path of exposing the characters responsible for the decimation of the dignity of Africans.

Omoyele Sowore