Samuel Diminas Berates Ethnogingoist Career Politicians On Buhari Appointments

by Samuel Diminas on faceBook

Public discourse in Nigeria is dominated by strong dissonance. U cannot preach for a system based on merit, an end to Quota Systems & Federal Character, yet complain in the same vein about a lack of national spread in appointments!

The responsibility of the people is to elect Good Leaders.

After elections, the Mandate of the Leader is to choose his team, from wherever and whomever he/she deems fit to achieve results, whether wrong or right.

Appointments that portray National Spread, integration, merit, etc. shouldn’t be ingredients forced on a leader.

In a country as large as Nigeria, if a leader appoints all his aides from 8 states and wins re-election so be it, otherwise, the next leader would learn lessons from the actions of the electorate

Ultimately, Nigerians should seek to sustain our newfound free and fair elections as sacred, the long-term actions of our leaders would be guided by the voice of the People.

How the people express themselves through their votes would determine the direction of the country in the long term.

Building a great nation is a marathon, never a sprint.