Saraki: Moves In A War Yet Unwaged

by Umar Sa’ad Hassan,
Senate President, Bukola Saraki is a clever fellow.He is taking the best steps at ensuring he doesn’t get booted out of his seat easily and He fully appreciates the fact that the PDP holds the Aces in that regard not his party; the APC.
No one can conveniently rule out the possibility of the APC eventually getting accustomed to life at the summit and living with a True Democrat who won’t interfere in ‘Other’ business as President.In other words,outgrowing teething problems and if that indeed does happen, Saraki can’t count on the support of any APC Member. Not even that of those eating from his palms at the moment as everyone of them would be expected to toe the party line.He would be deemed Public Enemy Number One and those presently in his camp only for their selfish interests would blame him for corrupting their morals.That point when everyone is availed the opportunity to make a go at the Black Sheep. Enter the PDP.
They have an interest to protect in the Saraki Presidency with Senator Ike Ekwerenmadu as his Deputy. They could decide his fate if just 5 of its members are willing to join any plot to kick out Saraki. A 2/3 ‘Super’ Majority Vote is required to impeach a Senate President and this translates to 73 Senators at the very least.In the event of an APC onslaught against him,the hardest task would be finding 5 PDP Senators willing to discard the interests of their party. Or Maybe 7 if the other 2 APC Kwara Senators play loyal brothers. Yes, it could get that bad for him.
It would be easy to whip up the right sentiments against Saraki if they can unite the APC family first,for his blatant disregard for the party’s interests.
In defiance of its wishes,he refused to have his rival, Ahmed Lawan as Senate Leader in what was obviously an attempt at keeping everyone happy by the party, citing the ‘risk’ of doing so as his excuse and instead,insisted on Senator Ali Ndume. A man who may suddenly remember he was jilted in the Deputy Senate Presidency race for Senator Ekwerenmadu if at all,a full scale war is waged against the Senate President.
As it is, Bukola Saraki has racked up quite a number of ‘abominable’ sins,Capping it off with a refusal to have the Party Chairman’s letter read on the Senate floor in what many argue was an unplanned move to put the party in its place while further reassuring his loyalists and PDP associates ‘Who the Man’ is.
One can’t help but commend the flirtations with the people possessing the true power to decide his fate in a worst case scenario; the PDP.
Heading to President Obasanjo’s residence before any reconciliatory meeting was strategic and When I saw the list of people who accompanied him on the visit,I knew he was going to be shameless about trying to stay in the good books of the PDP.
The appointment of an ex-PDP Senator,Isa Galaudu as his Chief of Staff didn’t shock me but what I found noteworthy was the fact that someone wanted everyone to notice it.He is doing a good job of diminishing the chances of a 2/3 majority vote in the long run. Galaudu could very well turn out to be a key addition to his team if one considers the fact that Northern Lawmakers are more prone to rebellion and if the APC are likely to get PDP sympathizers from anywhere,it is from the North.He could help with keeping them in line.
The Senate President Is a PDP man at heart whose ambition out ranks all other considerations at any given time.Reason why he joined the APC train in the first place.I remember taking offence at the then nPDP Chairman and Bosom Friend of Saraki’s,Kawu Baraje’s statement that they were rebelling in the best interests of the people. No, they weren’t.
The propelling factor was Jonathan’s refusal to step down for a Northern Candidate and Tukur’s quackery along with his Boss’s left a festering ground for such.The end justifies the means for people like him.I tell people Atiku could very well end up vying for the PDP Presidential ticket in 2019.
Defying Authority isn’t anything out of the ordinary for Saraki and he is smart enough to know sooner or later,the meetings could change.From ones where he features prominently,Calling for Peace and fair play to ones without him,rallying the troops in the Upper Chamber.From ones with him and his cohorts sticking to their guns to ones where agreements will be reached with those cohorts to turn on him.
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has adopted the PMB non-interference stance as it appears at the moment leaving things in the hands of the figure-head Party Chairman but no one should underestimate the Lion Of Bourdillon.He could step back in at just the right time to kick start a plot to do away with Anti-Party Element extraordinaire.
It could all go South for the Senate President within the twinkle of an eye and he is working hard to ensure it never happens.Lets see how it plays out.
Umar Sa’ad Hassan is a lawyer based in Kano.
Twitter : @alaye26