Saudi Authorities Shoot And Kill Saudi Foreign Student Who Made Bomb Used Against Prophet’s Mosque

Saudi Arabia police killed Taie Bin Salem bin Yaslem Al-Saya’ari in a shootout.

The Saudi man who studied in New Zealand and manufactured a bomb for use in an ISIS attack was inspired by a close friend’s death, a former friend of his says.

Taie bin Salem bin Yaslam al-Saya’ari died alongside another ISIS-linked extremist in a shootout on Saturday with officers in Riyadh, wearing a suicide bomb vest and clutching a machine gun, Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry said on Sunday (NZT).

The Saudi Interior Ministry said Al-Saya’ari manufactured the suicide bomb used in the July 4 attack outside of the Medina mosque where the Prophet Muhammad is buried, an assault which killed four Saudi security force members and wounded five. Read full and watch video in