Saudi Begins New Sectarian War With Cohesive, Tolerant Lebanon

The Saudi regime on Tuesday urged its citizens in Lebanon to leave, after Riyadh halted a $3 billion programme funding military supplies to Beirut in response to “hostile” positions linked to Hezbollah. Saudi ally and fellow Gulf Cooperation Council member the United Arab Emirates followed suit but went even further, banning its nationals from going to Lebanon and reducing its diplomatic representation there.
This underlined the Saudi desperation & the failure of its divisive sectarian agenda in Lebanon. The Primitive-minded Saudi savages think that everything and everyone is for sale & they can even buy the dignity of a whole nation. They had wanted to trigger Sunni vs Shia war in Lebanon but had woefully failed in that direction.
Some months back a Saudi prince was caught with tonnes of Captagon drugs and despite all entries from the house of Saud the Lebanese authorities have refused to release him. This have added to their frustration as in the past they get what they want in Lebanon.
But their major frustration is the heavy defeats suffered by their proxies in Syria and they blamed mostly Hezbollah for those defeats. And how many productive Saudis are there in Lebanon? In my last count most of the suicide bombers in Syria and Iraq are Saudi citizens.
The Lebanese should reject the Saudi sectarian agenda that will only make them enemies of each other. Lebanon had experienced bloody civil war in the past that resulted in the death of 1000s of Lebanese citizens, they must prevent such thing from happening. The Saudi regime want peace in Saudi Arabia but promote the agenda of deaths and destructions in other Muslim countries under the pretext of “containing” Iranian influence.
In my opinion both Saudi and Iranian influence can coexist in a Muslim country, let them compete in investments and developmental programs in Muslim countries but the savage Saudi leaders knowing the sophistication and dynamism of the Iranian leadership fear this healthy competition. They try to compliment their acute inadequacy with hate – mongering, #ShiaGenocide and murderous terrorism.
Wars, conflicts and destructions will never bring the much needed development and progress to Muslims, nor will Muslims ever attain the much needed glory from them. The continue destructions of countries such as Syria, Iraq and Yemen to serve the evil sectarian agenda of the Saudi regime does not portend what is good to Muslims. Western imperialism is solidly behind the savage Saudi regime because they are the architects of those conflicts. It is high time for Muslims to say “Enough Is Enough” to these wars and destructions.
Harun Elbinawi