Saudi Royals Offer “Bribe” to Russia to Abandon Syria

Aug. 7, 2013

NewsRescue- 100,000 dead is clearly not enough for the ruling Saudi royal family to rethink their mission against Syria. The royals have now offered Russia economic incentives, including a major arms deal and gas guarantees for Moscow to scale back its support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

We recently published NATO data that showed 70% of Syrians support al-Assad while only 10% support the criminal terrorists who have destroyed the country in a 2 year battle. See: NewsRescue-NATO Data: 70% Syrians Support Assad, Only 10% Support Foreign Backed Rebel Terrorists. The rebels have enjoyed support from the Saudi royals, the Qatari monarchical regime, known for its tolerance and assistance of al Qaeda in the Middle east and even in Africa up to Nigeria.

Now as Syrian government massacres the rebels and terrorists, the Sauds are getting desperate and doing what they do best–throwing away their people’s capital in offers of bribe. It is recalled that when American Boeing faced bankruptcy, the Saudi royals purchased 200 airplanes and parked them simply to keep the company afloat. That, surprisingly is Saudi official foreign policy.

It can also be recollected that most 911 bombers were from Saudi Arabia and Saudi government was fingered in the attack (NewsRescueSaudi Royals Funded 9/11: Lawyers- NY Times report), though according to the New York Times report, the Saudi royals were saved from being dragged to court by the 911 victims’ families, under a ludicrous ‘sovereign immunity’ protection accorded by the US government.