Secession: Northern Colorado Ready to Secede Over Government Global Spying
June 12, 2013

Due to intrusive legislation imposed by the state of Colorado, residents of Weld County, Colorado, are moving to break away and form the 51 state. The proposal was recently floated by three country commissioners in response to rural residents angered over the state’s recent renewable-energy law, draconian gun control proposals and fracking, measures imposed by Democrats.

GiGi Erneta covered the story for Infowars Nightly News on Tuesday.

“Northern and Northeastern Colorado and our voices are being ignored in the legislative process this year, and our very way of life is under attack,” explained Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway.

“We’ve had citizens coming to our hearings for months asking us to please do something. This is for real,” Conway said earlier this week.

“The people of rural Colorado are mad, and they have every right to be,” Rep. Cory Gardner of Yuma told The Fort Collins Coloradoan last week. “The governor and his Democrat colleagues in the statehouse have assaulted our way of life, and I don’t blame people one bit for feeling attacked and unrepresented by the leaders in our state.”

Colorado governor John Hickenlooper insists the gun and environmental laws are popular with state residents, including rural residents.

Liberals have responded to the threat of secession by portraying the Weld Country commissioners are extremists. “It’s just going to be seen as a crackpot idea by a bunch of crackpot commissioners some of whom are term limited,” Steve Mazurana, a former political science professor at the University of Northern Colorado, told the Denver Post last week. “Some will just call it Crackpottopia.”

The last state to secede was Virginia when West Virginia was established in 1863. The secession measure, if passed by county ballots, will face approval by the state and Congress.