SEE: Envelope Picture Shows PDP Thousands of Dollars Buying Nigerian Electorate


This viral image captures the predicament of broke and looted Nigeria.

The ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP has been buying up parts of Nigeria especially the Southwest.

As president Goodluck Jonathan has virtually relocated to the Southwest and has been practically living in Lagos the past weeks, he has been dolling out envelopes like this of dollars to hundreds of boys in Lagos and other parts.

This envelope contains as much as 20,000 dollars!

Many guys have reported their friends getting stashes like this.

Nigeria’s treasury is said to be empty right now as salaries have been owed public workers for months and the Nigerian army too is owed with the promised N150,000 having not been given and soldiers only getting N30,000 which is causing disquiet.

PDP Assemply candidate Barr S Onwe dolls out cash
PDP Assembly candidate Barr S Onwe team dolls out cash

The next administration is walking into an empty treasury and a nation in severe debt from the borrowing this administration is doing to finance dollar dolling political campaigns like this one.

The cash is said to be working at least in professed support as many touts bathing in the dollar reign are feigning support for the PDP.

It is a dollar rain.

naira rain