Seer Faults Americans On Obama: Raises Alarm On Nuclear War

By Akanimo Sampson,
Port Harcourt

A NIGERIAN Seer has taken on the Americans on their view of President Barack Obama, saying they are totally wrong on their president.

Obama, the first black president of the US, is widely seen by Americans as a lame duck. But, Chief Nwankwo Nnabuchi, a British trained social scientist, and spiritual leader says the opposite is the case.

In a recent exclusive interview with this reporter in Awka, the Anambra State capital in Eastern Nigeria, Nnabuchi, who leads the Kuu Lam Chee Brotherhood, an order of avatars and robe travellers, said Obama’s policy in deploying complex missiles and military weapons along Russian borders prompted him to reverse many decades of Cuban isolation and sanctions.

According to him, the American president’s warm diplomatic policies towards Cuba ”are attempts to forestall the possibility of the return of Russian missiles to Cuba. The same war game is also being played in Vietnam.

”Obama’s new romance with Cuba and Vietnam is targeted at Putin of Russia and XI of China respectively. ISIS, a product of Sunni sect of Gulf Cooperation Council came into prominence during the tenure of Obama.

”Obama’s skill in the killing of Osama-bin-Laden in far away Pakistan is remarkable but since then he has created more terrorists in Iraq, Syria and Libya. These terrorists or their families are on the move, and very soon they will configure a new cultural or religious society throughout Europe.

”If terrorism is on the decline as claimed by White House, why is Europe in this ugly mess? After Trump and Obama verbal exchanges, John Brenna, CIA Director told Senate Intelligence Committee on June 15, 2016 that ISIS is formidable, resilient and largely cohesive enemy a proof that Donald Trump was right”.

The seer claimed that US and Russia are rehearsing the scenario that put the world on the brink of nuclear war in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis. ”Then it was a battle between Nkita Khrushchev and J. F. Kennedy. In 1962, Russian missiles were in Cuban, but today US missiles are in Poland and Romania”, he said.

Nnabuchi argued that if US has about six sites in Europe housing tactical nuclear weapons, with between 400 and 600 warheads, it does mean that these warheads are targeted against Russia, the only military foe of US in Europe. We (spiritual leaders)are watching the next move of President Putin. But if he opts to put the world on the brink of nuclear war, he is perfectly in order because J. F. Kennedy had previously set the precedence”.

Continuing, he said, ”US experience in Afghanistan and Iraq was not a factor in formulating the policy to remove the Libyan President as well as the present attempt to force Assad out of power.

”US policy of creating crisis in peaceful countries as well as assimilating victims of such crisis into US is what played out in Orlando, Florida. To exterminate one’s parents and expect the aggrieved to leave in peace with you and continually remain your stooge is not a practical option in human relation.

”What is playing out currently as regards millions of helpless refugees on the move to Europe, especially from Iraq, Syria and Libya is the cord of time bomb likely to be detonated tomorrow.

”Frankly, it is not an over statement to say that the West has shot herself in the heart, and it is difficult to say when the heart will stop to pump. If Alexander the Great, the world’s number one war lord, never recovered from the wounds of spear that pierced his heart, what is the assurance that the most powerful nation shall survive the spear of terrorists of Arab descent?

”US and EU are fronting NATO as a platform, to destroy Russia because of Moscow’s assertiveness in Ukraine and Syria. Such an accusation is a proof that the so called civilized world is as timid, as brutal, and as the savages of the old.

”The pillars of the inner spiritual circles of the world acknowledged Putin’s prompt action to salvage the sovereignty of Syria. Similarly, the inability of the international coalition to work with Russia has weakened the spiritual bases of all the countries in the said coalition, and if the coalition continues to violate the sovereignty of Syria with impunity, it is likely that their spiritual tools will suffer further deterioration”.

According to him, ”NATO’s new war game is cyber warfare which they seeas similar to land, sea and air attacks. This is likely to be a ploy to attack weaker nations [Iran or North Korea] and may also be an excuse to engage China and Russia.

”If NATO lacks the technology to protect its hi-tech equipment, it should go back to the classroom and stop embarrassing the world by claiming that somebody has attacked its computer. After all, NATO prides herself as the ultimate in science and technology. However, if a nation has the ability to hack NATO’s cyber system, then it is equally possible that such a nation has the capacity to rubbish US’ missile systems, radar installations and all other electronic gadgets”.

On the issue of Snowden, Nnabuchi argued, ” if Russia had not granted asylum to him, it would have been a fact in human history that the entire world is now a colony of US. After all, Snowden was in Hong Kong [China] when the decree of his arrest was signed into law by Obama but because China was not strong enough to bear the burden, Snowden became airborne to Moscow, the only nation with the capability and guts to protect the weak.

”Joe Biden, the US Vice President thereafter said that any nation that protected Snowden would pay a very heavy price, – Maybe Ukraine crisis, economic blockade or political isolation of Russia is part of that price. But the West forgot that all Russian economic looters or opponents of Putin enjoy unparalleled protection in their countries. If Russia, for once, does the same thing [in the case of Snowden], is it justified or rather rational to blame her? The answer is no.